Little Hypocrite! Terra Jole’s Derogatory Midget Flick Exposed Amid ‘M’ Word Feud With Christy Gibel!

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Those who ride the highest horses usually turn out to frequent the lowest gutters! Everyone can be hypocritical on occasion, but for Terra Jolé — hypocrisy and the Little Women LA star go hand in hand.

On the June 24th episode of Little Women LA, tension between Terra and Christy Gibel exploded in Alaska — resulting in the Dancing with the Stars alum suffering a major meltdown. 

Jolé blamed her lunatic outburst on co-star Christy‘s use of the derogatory word, “midget,” in a previous video gig.

“All of these women claim that they hate the word midget and everything that it represents,” Terra said in a talking head confessional. “But when Christy makes a disgusting video celebrating that disgusting word, I’m the bad guy. How about standing up for something you believe in and get pissed at Christy instead of me?”

Check out Christy‘s video below.

Terra‘s disturbing spectacle, worthy of a 5150 psychiatric hold, prompted her co-star, Jasmine Arteaga Sorge, to step in.

Terra is losing her mind right now, and I am trying so hard not to laugh in her face,” says Arteaga Sorge in a talking head confessional. “She is being so ridiculous, it’s almost comical. Terra, calm down and just get over yourself! Lately she has been going out picking fights.”

However, as it turns out, Terra does not practice what she preaches.

Terra, alongside her husband Joe, starred in a 2009 flick called, Midgets Vs Mascots. In the disturbing scene below, “midgets,” engage in a milk drinking contest where they all take turns throwing up. After Terra throws up, she proceeds to expel gas violently into the face of a restaurant patron.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays, 9:00 p.m. ET on Lifetime.


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