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#90DayFiance Danielle and Mohamed’s Chaotic Divorce Explodes Amid His Risk of Deportation!

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Mohamed Jbali has dropped out of sight, as the premiere of 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After nears. Mohamed’s social media silence has fans wondering if his ex-wife, Danielle Mullins, succeeded in sending the reality character back to his home country of Tunisia.

TLC has been airing rewinds of Danielle and Mohamed’s chaotic journey, and TLC GO is offering an advanced look into to the June 25 premiere. The update reveals a server delivering Mohamed annulment papers — a reversal of Danielle’s previous decision to grant her shady hubby a divorce. Fans know that Mohamed is a social media showoff, so the drop-off has viewers wondering what’s up.

Danielle confirmed that the green card grabber has not been deported.

“He has not been deported, it takes years before someone is deported,” Danielle told Radar Online. “He’s probably trying to make people wonder what is going on.”

Danielle also believes that Mohamed might be in hot water with the network, after live streaming the couple’s divorce hearing on Facebook, while filming the show. The divorce was granted on March 22nd.

“I did not talk to Danielle, all I know is I got my divorce,” Mohamed spilled, at the time. “She had a lawyer talking for her. The judge said it’s done and that we’re divorced. They asked if I want a divorce or annulment, I said it’s the same for me.”

Mohamed also said that he would be purchasing a one-way ticket home ASAP, but the claim is a hard sell for those who have followed the twists and turns of the tumultuous relationship.   

“I’m going to cancel the green card and go back to my country as quickly as possible,” he said. “It’s my decision to leave. If there were no TV show my marriage could be much better.”

Danielle is confident that Mohamed will surface, when the TLC fame kicks back in. She tossed a little shade at her ex, to get the party started. 

“Give him time, he will resurface when show starts airing,” she said. “He will want to defend himself and blame everyone else.”

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After returns, June 25 at 8:00 p.m. ET, on TLC.


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