#LittleWomenLA Recap: Terra Jole Suffers A Psychotic Meltdown In Alaska After Attacking Christy!

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The Little Women of LA are going to Alaska! I’m sure an avalanche will ensue, but that’s later. First we begin with Briana and Matt receiving little Maverick’s oxygen tank so they can sleep through the night. But enough about serious health concerns, Briana wants to talk about being bullied by the girls and how it’s because she’s a threat to Terra. Hang on a sec while I get up front the floor from laughing so hard. Matt begs Briana to take the handcuffs off and let him unleash his venom on her friends. Briana is thinking about it.

Next up, Jasmine is hanging out at home with her boys. Husband Chris is so excited to once again be working on the rail road all the live long day. Chris will be reinstated within the next 30 days though he’s ready to go back now. Chris will be working nights and filling in on day shifts. Jasmine says she will miss bossing around her husband while he’s away.

Terra wants the girls to go on an Alaskan trip to get away from their problems, of course, they will be dragging along the men, so some of their problems will be going to Alaska. Everyone is invited, except for those individuals who tried to sue Terra. Tonya wants Christy and Todd to go, but Terra is the boss of little boss and tells her no. Tonya says yes. Terra says no. Tonya says yes. Terra announces she hates Christy, and it’s most unbecoming for such a prestigious producer such as Terra claims to be.

Up next, Terra asks Briana to meet her for coffee. No word if Briana showered despite her balance issues. Terra apologizes for the use of the word “fierce.” She thought Briana’s word was “ride or die.” And this turns into a big case of manipulation. Terra tells Briana she bought the domain name “littlefiercemama.com.” Briana’s mouth falls open because she didn’t think of doing this herself. But Terra isn’t there to shove it in Briana’s face. Terra is there to give the domain to Briana. Bitch, swerve. Of course Briana sees this a proof they are best friends. Especially since Terra not only invited Briana to Alaska, but her dog Mutt, too.

Christy is at Tonya’s house and learns that Tonya is taking it upon herself to invite Christy to Alaska even though Terra doesn’t want her to go. Tonya tells Christy someone has got to take the high road, and since it will never be Terra, it’s up to Christy. Tonya wants the trip to Alaska to be healing. Christy says she’s wants to go because she didn’t know if Todd was going to live or die, and since he lived, they might as well go.

Terra and Joe are packing for Alaska and get into a huge fight because Joe doesn’t understand why Terra invited Briana the “human punching bag” and Matt. Terra becomes agitated because she’s trying to mend fences with Briana, but Joe never takes her side. Terra has a meltdown over Joe not taking her seriously and accuses Joe of not defending her. Joe says he’s scared. And who can blame him?

Things are looking up for Briana and Matt. They are getting more sleep and have more time to dissect Terra’s latest stunt of buying “littlefirecemama.com” and giving it to them. What does it mean? It means Briana is delusional if she thinks this doesn’t come with strings attached. As for the Alaskan trip, Briana wants to go, but just for her and Matt. Briana says there sex life has been lacking, so they need this. Eww. Matt reluctantly agrees to go. He hints at “their problems” but doesn’t elaborate.

Jasmine and Chris feel this trip if timed perfectly, right before things get really stressful and he returns to work. Jasmine cries mock tears over her appreciation for her husband and declares the two need to get “their love back.” Just then, Jasmine receives a video from Terra showing the clip of Christy’s midget video along with Terra’s self-riotous attitude. Again? This was so three episodes ago. Jasmine is pissed. And Chris is scared. And who could blame him?

The gang has arrived at the Alaskan resort, but before they go in, a few stand around fire so Terra can say she’s not happy that Christy will be there soon and Tonya can say everyone is welcome. Elena arrives sans Preston. Hey, somebody’s got to take care of the kids. It’s not like you can hire someone to do that. Jasmine and Elena talk about the video and WTF was Terra thinking.

Todd and Christy are unpacking in their room. With one working vocal cord Christy sure does talk a lot. She explains she’s cool, cool, cool until she’s freaking not.  Todd advises Christy to give Terra, who they’ve proclaim as “unraveling” plenty of rope to hang herself.

The group exercise looks like fun. The gang will ride a tram 2,000 feet in the air to the top of the mountain to get drunk. What fun! Elena asks Terra about the video on social media and what was she thinking. Terra says she’s “passionate” about midget shaming so she wants to shame Christy. Joe and Terra announce they don’t care about Christy and Todd, while wearing matching red and black flannel jackets, because Joe is being supportive. Elena is ready to leave, but she’s stuck on a mountain.

To get away, Elena goes to Tonya and Jasmine’s table and they discuss the bad-timing of the midget video and how they’ve all done things they regret. Christy and Briana join the girls’ table and all say the past is the past and give Christy a pass on her past. Elena speaks from the heart when she says to Christy, Some of the verk is degrading, but verk is verk. Then it turns into a bitch session about Terra.

And up walks with Terra who explains she’s entitled to her opinion, and we all know opinions are like assholes. Terra calls Christy a hypocrite. Tonya steps in to be Christy’s mouthpiece. Then Elena joins in. Terra flat out admits to blackmailing Christy to sign her release. And Terra won’t…stop…screaming. She is in fact unraveling. Jasmine can’t take it anymore and repeatedly tells Terra to shut up. Terra tells everyone to eff-off. Briana looks confused as to which side she should be on.

Jasmine moves Terra off to the side so they can talk and get a better camera angle for Terra’s mega meltdown. Jasmine nearly laughs at Terra and her ridiculous attempt for attention. Tonya tries to help Terra calm down, but realizes the Heifer is outtta control.   

Tune in next week for what we’ve all been waiting for. Matt resumes being the sick, horn-dog he is and Briana tosses him out – or does she?


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