Find Out Which #SouthernCharm Dude Made Out With Sonja Morgan!

Posted on Jun 15 2017 - 2:48pm by Terri L. Austin

A very tipsy Sonja Morgan dropped by the Watch What Happens clubhouse Monday night, and took over as she sat at the bar and talked with Craig Conover, Bobby Moynihan, and Andy Cohen about her philosophies on men and life.

The Real Housewives of New York star started out by saying Craig is the “Sonja” of Southern Charm.

“He’s very intuitive and very smart. People should really lay off him…”

She also thought Naomie should stop belittling Craig, as he’s the only man on the show with a “stiff dick.”

“Someone in his household should never doubt what side her bread is buttered on.”

Sonja’s a big fan of southern gentlemen.

“I like Southern stuff because they have good manners, but you get laid.”

All righty, then.

As Sonja tried to recall her catchphrases over the seasons, she showed off her love of going commando by standing, turning, and wiggling her ass toward the crowd. When she tried to sit back on the barstool, she almost took the bar down. Daniel Eichholz of Southern Charm Savannah, quickly grabbed the bottles and kept them from tumbling.

As for the rest of the men on Southern Charm, Sonja thought Thomas Ravenel needed to be “wrestled.”

“Wow, there’s [someone] that needs to be [wrestled] because [Thomas] Ravenel has an ego that needs to be taken down a notch. He’s a good-looking man. I have never met him, but I will tell you Ravenel needs a lesson or two.”

When a caller asked Craig about his embroidery hobby, Sonja praised him. And she ripped his girlfriend, Naomie, apart, saying all that negativity will make Craig’s penis go limp. Craig agreed that he needed to be supported by his partner.

When Bobby admitted he stole things from the SNL set, Sonja suggested they steal from the clubhouse, and Andy nearly had a stroke. “No, no, no!  Nobody steals this stuff!” Sonja and Bobby just ignored him, saying Craig, a new lawyer, could get them out of trouble.

A viewer asked if Shep Rose realizes he’s an “alcoholic manwhore with no morals.” Harsh words. True, but harsh. Craig said that Shep has been doing some self-reflecting, but Bobby agreed with the fan. Sonja had a different take.

“I know this type of guy my whole life. He wants to have the good life—family and children. He’s looking for the wrong type of woman for that. He needs a strong woman to keep him in place.”

On falling asleep at Dorinda Medley’s dining room table in the Berkshires, Sonja said:

“You might find me asleep right here. Craig’s going to run back to his girlfriend tonight because she’s going to rip his balls off. You may find me right here! I’ve said it a million times. One drink, I’m tipsy. Two drinks, I’m drunk. Three drinks, I’m yours, but you keep running!”

Andy asked Sonja’s philosophy on men and kissing. It’s simple. She doesn’t kiss men, she just has sex.

“You do not give these guys oral sex [speaking of the men Ramona Singer and Tinsley Moritmer have been dating all season]. You do not have intimate kisses with them. They’re useless.”

Then she walked over to Craig, straddled him and kissed him. After staggering back to her barstool, she said that she never has sex with a man she wants to marry until after they’re engaged.

“Kissing is way more intimate. I don’t kiss guys I don’t want to marry.”

So, what do you make of Sonja’s rules? And is she right about Shep?


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  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    I saw who he had on and deleted it before it even started (been doing that a lot lately). But I always enjoy some crazy Sonja.

  • Bryan

    No one should ever be compared to this drunk old tramp

  • wellWellwell

    Sonja’s comment on Thomas sounds more like a mating call “wrestled” “He’s a good looking man. I have never met him but I will tell you he needs a lesson or two”
    Sonja, your come hither hint is lame.

  • ohjeez

    sonja seemed so hostile and jealous of the guy’s girlfriend…she was also sloppy drunk

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    I need to read this again. I don’t see where it says who Sonja made out with from Southern Charm.

    • RHONJ Fan

      The article states Sonja walked over to Craig straddled him and kissed him.

  • Chickpea16

    Sonja is just sad and not entertaining.

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    “Find out what “Southern Charm dude made out with Sonja Morgan! … ”

    Um, I’ll say the entire cast (and probably Kathryn too) for $200 Alex.

  • Oh dear, lol!

  • Magdalena

    Something is very wrong with Sonja. She keeps tottering around in her hoarded house. She makes no sense most of the time. And so much of her life, her being, her whole identity is is all about random sexual encounters with different men. It’s just very sad. I wish she had some real friends.

    • aemish

      Very heartfelt, Madalena and sooo true

  • TartLemon

    I was not entertained by Sonja’s display. As a friend, Andy should have reigned her in real quick.

    • SMDRN66

      It might have been a bit humorous 6 years ago, but now it’s really just plain sad.

    • Koko Banned

      Andy has no friends on those shows honestly. He has characters that are paid to act a fool. He loves this type of controversy. He wiggles his narrow behind every time one of the Hasbins speaks or shows their true colors. All these women way into their 40s and 50s (they will say different) appear to be damaged goods and no matter how appealing they may think they are with all their money and “class”, they just come across as trash with cash.

  • BetteDavisEyez1

    Sonja has always been quirky but now she just comes across as unhinged. She is that old lady at the bar that still thinks she is the straw that stirs the drink.
    Once your children are old enough to party, it’s time for you to give up the title. That is JMHO.

    • SMDRN66

      I always loved Sonja, and still have a soft spot for her. But she just makes me sad. I hate to say what her future holds but I would picture it to be something like Dotti. She was the old lady disco queen in the movie 54.

      • BetteDavisEyez1

        Oh yeah. That didn’t end well. LOL!!

  • Mental Iceberg ????
    • aemish

      lol perfection

  • Champagne Hangover

    I didn’t see this mess but Sonja is entertaining whether tragically so or not. One thing you can’t say about her is she’s boring. And Craig is hot so straddle that stallion and ride him good, girl! lol. And she’s right about Naomie. Craig can do better riding on his looks alone, so bitch needs to check herself cuz no Craig no show for her. Ain’t like she gives watching paint dry a run for its money in the interesting department.

  • Whatdidyousay

    I hope this doesn’t mean Sonja is drinking again.