EXCLUSIVE: #SouthernCharm Eyewitness EXPOSES Kathryn Dennis’ Photo Shoot Meltdown with Her Daughter!

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Bravo cameras captured a crashed family love-fest during last night’s episode of Southern Charm — but all is not what it seems, according to an in-the-know snitch. 

A source claims to have been an eyewitness to the parking lot pandemonium featured on Monday (June 12) night’s episode. And while, AllAboutTheTea.com can’t confirm this account, the source claims that the Bravo footage did not tell the raw story behind Kensie Ravenel’s mommy meltdown. 

“The child appeared to be tired, crying, and antsy,” reported the tipster. “She was running around in the parking lot, and Kathryn told her to ‘calm the fu*k down!’”

The source reports that Thomas spoke to Kathryn in a calm voice, and it was difficult to hear what he said.

Kathryn then went off on Thomas — calling him a liar, ranting that she would get even, in the long run,” dished the snitch. “Kathryn said that Thomas didn’t care about her—that he was only there for his daughter. She was mad that he didn’t really stick around for the whole photo session, like it was portrayed on the show.”

The tattletale says that someone from the film crew opened Kathryn’s car door and stepped aside, and that’s when Kensie ran toward the vehicle. The source also claims that Kensie was clearly “afraid” of her mother.

Kensie seemed to be running to hide from her mother,” says the tipster. “Thomas picked the crying child up, and put her in his car. Kathryn had no regard for that poor child at all.”

The source alleges that Kathryn did not appear crying or upset — just “pissed at Thomas.

The ex-couple remains embroiled in a custody battle over the two children — a recovering family unit already proven only a faux TV reality.   

Bravo is trying to sell that a happy Ravenel/Dennis family is only a flash and a smile away. Do you believe it?

Southern Charm airs Monday nights, on Bravo.


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