#SouthernCharm Thomas Ravenel & Kathryn Dennis Get Along For The Sake of The Kids! [VIDEO]

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Kathryn Dennis likens family life to a flashy photoshoot, in a sneak peek preview of tonight’s episode of Southern Charm. Thomas Ravenel accompanies his daughter, Kensie, and his troubled ex on the mother/daughter shoot, smiling and laughing while his little girl basks in the splashy attention.

EXCLUSIVE: Kathryn Dennis Left Kids With Cancer Stricken Mom During Weekend Visit & Posts OLD Pics of Kids!

As reported by AllAboutTheTea.com, the shoot occurred in November, but the photos were posted on Kathryn’s Instagram account just two weeks ago — painting a skewed picture of her current standing in her daughter’s life.

“Seeing Kensie and Thomas watching and laughing really just makes me see that light of what I always picture at the end of the tunnel,” Kathryn says in the clip. “Us together as a family and that’s what I see right now.”

Thomas and Kathryn remain in a contentious custody battle over the fate of their two children, Kensie, 3, and Saint, 1. Thomas reiterated that he sees zero chance of a reconciliation with Kathryn, on last week’s episode of the Bravo hit.

Do you believe that Thomas and Kathryn have a shot? 

Southern Charm airs tonight, at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo.


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