EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Snowden’s Son Ascher Steals The #SouthernCharm Spotlight!

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Jennifer Snowden has added an unexpected spark to the fourth season of the Charleston based hit, Southern Charm.

Jennifer has mixed with controversial player, Kathryn Dennis, and many believe she has exposed cracks in the reality star’s rehabbed image. Bravo cameras have loved Jennifer this season — but there’s one little fella who has really stolen the show — her baby boy, Ascher.

Ascher had a rough start but rebounded strong, and the courageous mother/son story has captured the hearts of fans. Jennifer weathered a stressful pregnancy, after Ascher was diagnosed with a brain encephalocele in utero — the newborn enduring successful brain surgery the day he was born.

Jennifer, her boyfriend & Ascher’s daddy, Lee Camden with Ascher

Jennifer’s Instagram account is jumping with photos of the sweet miracle baby — and fans have been applauding her inspiring journey since the handsome lad’s debut.







“You are the new southern most favorite Moma and we love you and adore baby Ascher”

“Awww he is just precious, you have been truly blessed sweetheart”

“How cute is he! Greatest gift in the world is to be a mom”

“Oh he is destined for amazing things!”

“Look at his beautiful face! He is already healing all who are watching him smile and grow. He is healing our hearts when we look at him. He is so very special.”

“He’s absolutely precious! His laughing face is priceless. So happy for you and your family! Happy First Mothers Day!”

We reached out to Jennifer, and asked what she loves most about being a mother. She was happy to share her personal thoughts. 

“What I love most about being a mother is the giving up of my own ego. I never knew what life would feel like when it wasn’t about ‘me’ & my next move or next experience,” Jennifer said. “To have a child & to genuinely & authentically be a mother TO that child means that ultimately you check your ego at the door for the REST of your life. It is THE MOST liberating/freeing feeling to completely give yourself to something soooo much BETTER than you’ll ever be: your child.”

Jennifer revealed that Ascher’s challenges were only part of her surprise baby story.    

“I’m just humbled every. Single. Day. To get to be a mom to begin with. Aside from Ascher’s dire prognosis, prior to that, I was told I could not even have kids, so I appreciate and respect the responsibility of motherhood more than I could ever adequately express,” Jennifer shared. “He’s my world and I’ll never ever ever let that little guy down. He is my life.”

Ascher will turn one in September — a milestone punctuating one very  special year for the popular Bravo mommy.

“Motherhood is just this — it’s about your child you’ve been blessed by God to mother. It is not, nor ever has been, about you/us as mothers,” Jen concluded. “We’re mere vessels by which they become the hopefully great people they’re intended to be.”

Scroll throw adorable snapshots of baby Ascher below and catch Jennifer and Ascher on Southern Charm, Monday night at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo. 

UPDATE: Jennifer and Lee have not dated for 10 years, they’ve been best friends that long. The couple only started dating a couple of years ago. 


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