Eddie Cibrian Slams Ex Brandi Glanville Over Stalking & Harassment Allegations About Wife LeAnn Rimes!

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The bitter feud between Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes, and Brandi Glanville is spiraling out of control!

Their new beef centers around, claims that Eddie and his paramour wife LeAnn, are stalking Brandi and her new boyfriend. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently started dating, Donald Friese, and she claims that the married duo have been spying on Donald’s Snapchat account.

Donald Friese and Brandi Glanville

According to the mom of two, last month, Eddie along with the couple’s two sons and LeAnn showed up at the same Malibu restaurant where Donald and Brandi were dining, as posted on his Snapchat. As proof, Brandi posted screenshots of usernames of people who viewed Donald‘s Snap that day — and LeAnn (@leannrimesworld) was one of them!

On Friday, Brandi took to Twitter to call out the alleged stalkers, “I’ve taken done that more times than I can remember. Stalking my boyfriend to show up with my kids was the last straw,” she tweeted.

Additionally, Brandi told E! News that LeAnn has been “going after” her boyfriend and “checking his stuff.” 

Eddie, 43, memorably cheated on Brandi with LeAnn during a Lifetime movie gig. He later divorced Brandi in 2009 and married the country singer in 2011.

Now, the usually quiet Eddie, is firing back in defense of his wife LeAnn and blasting his Brandi‘s ‘false,’ allegations.

“I normally don’t respond to Brandi’s foolishness but I will not allow false and reverse accusations to go unanswered about my wife,” Cibrian fired back in a statement.

Brandi‘ ex-husband claims that LeAnn is a wonderful stepmom and it’s his former wife, who continuously stirs up drama for attention — not the other way around.

“LeAnn is a fantastic stepmom to the boys and is always gracious to their mother. Having to put up with Brandi’s made up drama all the time is extremely frustrating. After eight years we should have one priority, making sure two incredible kids are loved and remain happy and healthy. But every couple of months there is another accusation coming from Brandi in an attempt to drum up drama to stay relevant.”

According to Eddie, Brandi is lying about the stalking and explains why he and LeAnn happened to dine at the same restaurant.

“LeAnn and I did not nor have we ever ‘shown up’ at places where Brandi will be,” he said. “Why would we do that? Makes no sense. We had a reservation held at Nobu five days before Brandi posted she was going.”

To back up his claims, Eddie posted a text message between LeAnn and her assistant, proving the dinner reservation request was made five days prior at Nobu restaurant.

“Here is the proof and if anyone needs more, call Nobu and they will confirm,” Cibrian said.

Meanwhile, Brandi’s predicting that her ex-husband will leave his current wife, LeAnn soon.

“I think when the 10-year mark comes, and he leaves her and takes half her stuff, we’ll all be good together because they won’t even be related,” Brandi said on E!’s Daily Pop. “If she doesn’t have a kid with him, then we don’t ever have to see her again.”

Stay tuned as the messy drama in this sordid love triangle rages on!


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