#TeenMomOG Catelynn Baltierra RIPPED After Daughter Plays With Poop & Mom Doesn’t Wash Her Hands!

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The poop has been hitting the fan for Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra recently — Teen Mom OG parents soundly thrashed on Twitter for two straight weeks, after disturbing footage exposed hair-raising realities in the family home. 

On the most recent episode, two-year-old Nova is seen picking up a piece of feces off the floor of her bedroom, proudly showing off her find to Ty and Cate’s adoption counselor, Dawn. Tyler remarked that he appreciated  Nova’s discovery, because otherwise, they “would have never found it.” Dawn seemed concerned about the child’s hands, but we never see anyone scrubbing the tot. Fans were repulsed — and let Ty and Cate know it.



MTV later showed Nova cooking with her father, driving home the grubby  point. 

The previous week, Tyler and Catelynn were soundly spanked for leaving their daughter in the care of Tyler’s father, Butch Baltierra, while they partied the days away on a cast trip to Puerto Rico. Butch, a rinse and repeat junkie/jailbird, continuously battles addiction — not exactly a choice babysitter. Twitter sounded off — viewers disgusted by the couple’s casual decision. 



The reality duo got a Twitter earful last month, when a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed revealed a dirty bedroom and unguarded fan blades — whirring inches from the child. 

The hits just keep on coming for Tyler and Catelynn — and concerned viewers are not backing down.

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