#SouthernCharm Recap: Kathryn Dennis Refuses To Talk With Jennifer Snowden At Son’s 1st Birthday!

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We’re back for another episode of Southern Charm, my little hotcakes. This week, we start off by celebrating St. Julien Rembert’s first birthday. Thomas Ravenel planned a simple party in the park, complete with kittens, chicks, and bunnies for the kids to pet.

We watch the Charmed Ones gear up for the big day. Naomie paints Craig Conover’s toe nails. Since Kathryn hasn’t spoken to Thomas in months, she’s nervous to see him again. She picks up JD’s wife,Elizabeth, for moral support. Patricia Altschul gives Cameran Eubanks a ride and they talk about how humiliating it must be for Kathryn to be an invited guest to her own child’s birthday party.

When Thomas sees Kathryn, the two share an awkward hug and make stilted conversation. Kathryn finally heads to the playpen and picks up Saint for a cuddle. At first, Kensie seems standoffish with Kathryn, but then she calls for her mom to come and play. During the party, Kathryn is more like an outsider than a parent, and honestly, for all her screw-ups and bad behavior, it made me kind of sad for the kids.

When Cameran arrives, she greets Kathryn, but Patty makes a point of not speaking to her. Kathryn frowns as Thomas hugs Jennifer Snowden, who brought her baby, Ascher, to the party. Kathryn refuses to acknowledge the baby, and barely waves at her old friend. Chelsea Meissner, Austen Kroll, and Shep Rose also stop by. Shep remarks to Cameran that Thomas and Kathryn are being very cordial with each other — which makes him wonder if baby number three could be on the way. With those two, you never know.

Landon Clements skips out on the party. She doesn’t want to endure Kathryn’s company for an afternoon, but she meets up later with Jennifer Snowden to find out all the tea. Landon’s not impressed that Kathryn behaved herself for a couple of hours. She tells Snowden about the strange dinner she had with Thomas the week before. Once again, Landon lists Thomas good qualities, but wonders if everyone thinks she’s a gold-digging man stealer. Those accusations Kathryn made last year are still bothering Landon. Jenn encourages Landon to pursue a relationship with Thomas, even though Kathryn will go ballistic at the news. Landon continues to flipflop, uncertain about getting involved romantically with T-Rav.

At Patty’s house, Thomas arrives and they discuss the birthday party. Thomas admits that he and Kathryn will never work in the long run. Patricia puts a bug in Thomas’ ear about Landon. He’s tired of her mixed messages, but Patricia points out that Thomas will never find his soulmate hanging out at the bar. She thinks Thomas has been lazy with courtship, and now it’s time to put in some work. He needs to woo Landon, starting with a simple, old-fashioned walk.

Cameran has an appointment with her therapist and says her husband is desperate to be a dad. Cameran’s resistance is wearing down. She decides that she’ll stop being so self-involved. She doesn’t want to disappoint her invisible doctor hubby, so she’s going to fling open the doors of the baby-making factory. Awww!

Chelsea and Austen go crabbing. They seem very comfortable in each other’s company as she shows him the redneck way to catch crabs — by tying raw chicken backs to a stake. In theory, the crabs are supposed to flock to the lure of meat, but in reality, the crabs are too smart for these two. Austen and Chelsea go home emptyhanded, but they seem to have fun together. Austen talks about love and relationships. Chelsea might not believe in marriage, but Austen’s looking for a best friend. He wants what his parents have.

In the meantime, Thomas gets ready to woo Landon by using his wrinkle-reducing eye cream. He picks a flower, walks down the street, and surprises Landon at her house. (And this is where the season opened.) Landon appreciates the rose, but reminds him that orchids are her favorite. T-Rav asks Landon and her dog, Charlotte, to take a walk. Last week, Landon told us she wanted a man who cared enough to walk her and her dog. Thomas is looking better all the time! They mosey down to the river where Thomas asks her to give him a shot. Landon decides to throw caution to the wind. Screw Kathryn and her wrath!

Craig and Naomie take Gizmo the cat for a ride. Naomie thinks about Gizmo’s death, and Craig wonders why she worries so much. This is where they’re different. She’s a planner. He’s a procrastinator. Craigmentions the fact that he likes newcomer, Austen, who is a kinder, cooler Shep. Naomie thinks Shep is a nice guy, maybe not to Craig, but to everyone else. Craig thinks Shep is alone and miserable, unable bear anyone around being happy. As Craig pulls into the driveway of the rental house he bought, Cameran meets them for a final walkthrough. Craig congratulates himself on adulating and Gizmo scampers up the stairs. I can’t help but wonder if he’s peeing everywhere, marking his territory for the new owners. Oh, Gizmo!

Cameran wants to take everyone on a tropical trip for her upcoming birthday. She’s even willing extend an invite to Kathryn. But Naomie breaks the news that Landon and Thomas are sort of together. According to Landon, Thomas professed his undying love. Um…well, he offered to give her his passcode so she could stop by for a glass of wine after she walks Charlotte every evening. That’s almost the same thing, right? Cameran wonders if Landon and Thomas really did hook up in London last year. Maybe Kathryn was right all along.

Shep drops by Chelsea’s house that night. She offers him a beer and a Costco veggie tray. Shep says he’s thinking about moving out of the beach house. Living a whole two blocks from the beach will change his life, make him party less, and become a responsible adult who might, just might, think about a relationship. He asks about the situation with Austen. Chelsea likes Austen. She’s not seeing anyone else, but she doesn’t want to check in and report to him, like she’s done in the past. Shep sees that he missed his big chance withChelsea. A relationship with no strings? It’s too good to be true.

The next day, Cameran is supposed to show Shep his new home, but he never comes, nor does he answer his phone. When Shep is over an hour late for their meeting, Cameran calls Chelsea. He left her house to go downtown and hit the bars. Worried, Cameran goes to Shep’s beach house to make sure he’s okay. Bottles, cans, and empty Solo cups litter the downstairs. A bleary-eyed Shep went to bed early that morning, fully dressed. Now Cameran is truly worried about his health. Shep and his liver enzymes are heading down a bad path, kids.

So ends our episode. What do you make of Shep’s drinking? Has he always been this much of a lush or has it escalated? Will Kathryn accept Landon’s role in Thomas’s life? And is he really ready to settle down?


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