#SisterWives Maddie Brown Endures 72 Hour Home Birth Nightmare — Janelle Brown Labels Ordeal ‘Cool!’

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Maddie Brown gave birth to the first grandchild of Sister Wives patriarch, Kody Brown, in the home her mother and wife #2, Janelle Brown. Maddie endured 72-hours of labor, and 4 hours of pushing, before Axel James Brush entered the world. 

Kody described the home birth as “intense” but Janelle predictably labeled the experience “cool.”

“It was cool for you, you sat and watched. It was INTENSE,” Kody said. “It was 72-hours of labor and 12 hours of hard labor. It was pretty serious business.”

Kody says that they were “all there doing it,” the whole family cheering Maddie through the exhausting ordeal. Kody has fathered 18 children with wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn.


Fans might remember the last Brown compound home birth — when Robyn Brown gave birth to the youngest  Brownie, in January of 2016. Viewers witnessed a cluttered bedroom, an unsettling cord cutting spectacle, and an odd expectation for quiet during Robyn’s labor. The baby’s shoulder was broken during the birth — a condition called Shoulder Dystocia triggering a life threatening complication. The baby’s blue-gray color had fans calling foul — after no backup medical care was called in to aid in the delivery crisis.

Whether or not TLC cameras were along for the painful ride is unclear — but Maddie is a TLC-fed Brown, after all.

Sister Wives is expected to return, later this year.


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