#LHHATL Karen King Is Sending Tommie Lee To Jail! [VIDEO]

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Karen King, is sending Atasha Jefferson aka Tommie Lee to jail!

Karen‘s former friend accused the mother of sending her sons, Scrapp DeLeon and Sas to prison, so Karen plans to teach Tommie a lesson. 

“The bottom line is…the ending result is, Atasha Jefferson [Tommie Lee] will be going to jail. As soon as I can get all the paperwork. Everybody has to pay their dues to society, so I’ll make sure that she pays hers.”

Karen explains why she’s reporting Tommie to the law. 

“I gave her an opportunity, to apologize to me…..she didn’t. I love my kids more than anything and she accused me of sending them to jail. So, I said if she doesn’t retract it, I’m going to send her. And my word is my bond — so she’s going!”

This news does not surprise many LHHATL fans, as Karen ethered Tommie in an hour-long NSFW rant, last week. As reported, the ladies once close friendship turned sour, when a drunk Tommie Lee did an Instagram Live video dissing Karen for appearing in a scene with Tommie’s mother.



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