Hypocrite! #LittleWomenLA Christy Gibel Exposes Terra Jole For Starring In Degrading ‘Midget Bar Fight’ Flick!

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On a recent episode of Little Women: LATerra Jole threw her daughter Penny an over the top birthday party. But the celebration wasn’t all fun and games, when Terra used the party to show the rest of the girls a scandalous video from Christy Gibel’s past.

Check out the full video below. And according to ChristyTerra is not above reproach and has no room to judge her for starring in the controversial “Midget Love,” video because she has her own skeletons in the closet. 

In a clip from Wednesday night’s episode of Little Women: LA, Christy ripped Terra a new one and exposed her costar as a big hypocrite!

“I love how Terra thinks she’s the patron saint of all little people,” Gibel vented to co-star Tonya Banks. “Come on, b*tch. You’ve been in m*dget bar fights on Jackass, you’ve been in a movie with a m*dget on it, you dressed up as an elf, but you think my video was worse than all over that. Come on, Terra, get over yourself!”

The “M” word is deemed an offensive and derogatory term within the little people community.

As it turns out, Christy was right — Terra is not immune of portraying her people in a degrading way. The clip below, shows Penny’s mama starring in a scripted scene called “Midget Bar Fight,” from the 2010 flick, ‘Jackass 3D.’

So tell us what you think. Is Terra Jole a hypocrite? 


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