EXCLUSIVE: #LHHATL Joseline Hernandez Threatens To Expose Mona Scott-Young’s Shady Dealings Over Salary Dispute!

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VH1’s Puerto Rican Princess is blasting Love & Hip Hop Atlanta creator Mona Scott-Young, over a salary dispute! 

Emotions ran high at the Season 6 Reunion taping on Wednesday, May 31. The usual high-spirited shenanigans went down, but I’ll spill that tea later — since the real drama is happening off the reunion stage. 

An insider tells AllAboutTheTea.com that Joseline Hernandez spoke with LHHATL executive producer, Mona Scott-Young, this week to review her future with the hit reality show. According to the ATL snitch, Mona wants Joseline to take a reduced role, for less money, in the upcoming Season 7. As you can imagine, this news did not go over well with the Puerto Rican Princess and she went ballistic! The local source exclusively told us,

“She [Joseline] demanded more money, would not listen and refused to compromise. Negotiations fell through.” The snitch adds, “Afterwards, Mona talked about firing her.”

On Wednesday evening, after filming the LHHATL reunion, Joseline went on Instagram Live threatening to expose her once adored, Mona Scott-Young. During the live stream, Joseline informed viewers to get their phones ready before she “spills tea,” on Mona‘s shady dealings throughout the ‘motherf*cking,’ years. She asks fans to hashtag Oprah, because she wants a formal sit down with Ms. Winfrey. She said,

“I’ma come back in about five minutes. I need y’all to have y’all phones ready to record what I’m about to tell you about this b*tch Mona [Scott-Young]. And how she motherf*cking treats her cast members and all the sh*t that she’s done to us throughout the motherf*cking years. I’ma let everybody know. I want you to hashtag Oprah and I want to go sit down with Oprah. Can y’all hashtag that?”



Hmmm….we can’t wait for Joseline to spill that tea! But most fans know, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is notorious for ratchet drama, violent fights, breaking up families, and destroying friendships and relationships. Mona Scott-Young has been rumored to be responsible for most of the drama that occurs on the show and at their explosive reunions. 

Then on Thursday, the new mom fired another shot at Mona on her Instagram page. In decoding her caption, “#steviejandjoseline #packagedeal#mona give me my bag or else,” Joseline is threatening to quit the show, if she doesn’t get the salary she’s requesting and take her baby daddy, Stevie J, with her because they’re a package deal.

Tell us what you think. Will Mona ante up Joseline‘s cash or will she fire the baddest b*tch and silence her in court? Share your comments below!


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