Age Difference, Gay Affair, Failing Restaurant! #RHOP Ashley Darby’s Marriage In MAJOR Trouble?

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Marriage is hard, but throw in working with your significant other, and your relationship becomes that much more complicated. 

Real Housewives of Potomac star, Ashley Darby, and her husband Michael Darby, know this reality all too well. Tensions exploded on a recent episode of RHOP, over the couple’s Australian-themed Oz Restaurant, located in Arlington, Virginia. The duo got into a nasty public fight — exposing their personal and professional dirty laundry.

Ashley made some hurtful comments about her husband — revealing major cracks in the union and possible divorce on the horizon. 

“I’m so sick of you,” she adds. “You’re not my partner. You’re my f**king parent. I’m over you.”

Ashley told The Daily Dish that part of why she and Michael have been butting heads over the business has to do with the difference in their ages.

Michael and I do have this age difference. He’s 29 years older than me. And he has so much business experience that I think that he kind of forgets that I don’t necessarily have all those years.”

After watching the fight play out on television for millions to see, the 28-year-old, regrets blasting her man and feels embarrassed. 

“By game time that evening, our tension was at an all-time high. There had been many words exchanged via text messages and phone calls, and the added pressure of executing the dinner caused us to erupt. Michael and I both have egos that get in the way of our relationship too often, and on that night my bruised ego caused me to say horrible things to the man that I love. I winced when I heard myself talk about massaging his feet and rubbing his back – those are the two things I miss doing the most since we shifted our focus and energy to the restaurant.”

When Ashley‘s co-star, Robyn Dixon, appeared on Watch What Happens Live in April — she dished about the current state of the Darby‘s marriage.

Ashley has no room to talk. She’s twelve.” She continues and comments on whether the couple would last. “I hope so. I don’t wish bad on anyone, but it doesn’t look good.”

Also, Michael has been linked to gay affair rumors since the show debuted in January 2016. In late 2016, explicit photos surfaced linking the Aussie native to a sexual tryst with a young black man, during a stay in England. 

Stay tuned, as the truth always rises to the surface.


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