#RHOP Recap: Robyn Dixon’s Husband Says He Doesn’t Want Her Anymore!

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This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac we learn that Monique actually has a job. She’s the property manager for their four homes – though she delegates much of the work to her buddy Hank – and he’s slacking on the job. Monique says she needs more couple time with her husband Chris because their pastor told them so.

Up next, Karen will soon be speaking at an event about a very personal matter. The event is for Pave and they empower rape and sexual abuse victims. Flashbacks are shown of a recent mother/daughter outing with Karen and Rayvin at a self-defense class where they beat the crap out of dummies. Karen was date-raped during her college days, and this made it difficult to send her daughter off to college this year. The guy who did this to Karen is now dead (Karma is that you?) and Karen is finding her voice. Her message is forgiveness will set you free and it’s not your fault. Preach!

Robyn and Gizelle are riding around in a car talking smack about Ashley. Cut to Ashley who is busy at her restaurant. Cut back to Robyn who is saying how tacky it was of Ashley to make a scene about Juan and his sextra-curricular activities. Duh. Everyone knows Juan is cheating. Why does Ashley need to go on and on about it? Robyn and Gizelle arrive at the restaurant to bring Ashley a serving of ambush on the barbi. Robyn is like, Bitch stay the eff out of my bidness. And Ashley is like, where is this hostility coming from? Then the fingers come out and Robyn and Ashley start pointing in each other’s face.

Ashley tells Robyn and Gizelle to get out, but they won’t, nor will they sit. The patrons and staff are all looking at these crazy women like they think this is Atlanta. Ashley says she’s done telling everyone who has two ears that Juan is cheating. Good. Gizelle then tells Ashley she also owes Charrisse an apology or she will be dragged “over the river and through the woods.” I guess Charrisse will be taking Ashley to her grandmother’s house. They tell Ashley to stay in Ashley’s lane, but Ashley is like a drunk driver swerving all over the place. Plus, it’s called projection. By focusing on Robyn’s failing marriage, Ashley doesn’t have to focus on her failing marriage. Ashley calls her old man husband on the phone to rant all about it.

Onto shopping with Charrisse and her daughter, Skylar. Charrisse is in search of a pretty journal. Hopefully this will be a light, happy scene. Nope! Charrisse decides to tell her daughter that mommy and daddy are getting a divorce. Charrisse says that daddy has fallen out of love with her and they will not be together anymore – kind of like they haven’t been all this time. Skylar explains to her mom this is normal for her, so don’t worry, she’s got this. Charrisse is saddened that her daughter is handling the divorce better than her. Now all Skylar has to do is tell her brother the bad news and then she can go back to being a 16 year-old kid.

Chris and Monique are going fishing. This is how Monique first hooked Chris. He liked that Monique would bait her own hook. Monique is wearing a long dress, something most fisherman wear, as the two discuss how wonderful their marriage is even though they sometimes catch eel when they were trying to catch catfish. For real.

It’s time for a gratuitous community service project! Karen and Gizelle are planting flowers with little kids for about five minutes until they take a break to talk about the event Karen will be speaking at. Gizelle says she’ll be there. Karen explains she doesn’t know who she’ll invite because there can’t be no messiness at this here event. Gizelle is like, Don’t invite big-mouth Ashley or non-stop talking Monique. Karen informs Gizelle that Monique called her a stuck-up trick. Gizelle’s hate-ometer for Monique just went from 9 to 11.

Over at Robyn and Juan’s house, Robyn is working hard to on the kids’ basketball camp they run. Here Robyn is doing everything for Juan and all Juan has to do is get a haircut. Juan then says he needs to go run some errands, but we hear everything he’s saying to the producer. “I’m too old for this shit” and “I’m tired of living like this” and “I wanna share my life with somebody” and “If I didn’t have Cory and Carter I’d be gone already.” Meanwhile Robyn is oblivious, doing everything to keep her family’s head above water. Maybe Robyn needs to let Juan drown.

Ashley is meeting up with her mom Shelia, and brother, Zach, for dinner. Zach is a great college kid. He’s going to the Dominican to help implement a clean water system and learn to tango. Ashely shares the ambush story with her mom and how fingers were pointed in her face. Shiela is like, Girl why you let these women bully you? I thought I raised you better. The family then decides to take shots of bourbon. “Fire with fire!”

Robyn is meeting Charrisse and her therapist, Dr. Jeff, at a restaurant. Charrisse wants Robyn to be comfortable as possible…when she breaks down in public. Robyn explains her fear of therapy means that she’s broken, and she’s not…exactly. Dr. Jeff tells Robyn that at some point her boys will figure out that mommy and daddy aren’t happy and therapy can help navigate this. And the tears flow. Let the healing begin!

It’s time for Karen’s big night! Ashley is the first to arrive in her silver-sparkly dress. She promises Karen there won’t be any messiness. All the women, despite their issues, look gorgeous, even if Robyn and Gizelle say Ashley’s dress is way too short. Ashley goes over to the duo to says hello, but only Robyn says it back. Gizelle don’t play games.

The first speaker of the night is Don Lemon from CCN. He shares a story about being raped by his mom’s best friend’s son and his friends when he was young. Very moving. Karen is next and she shares how her rape put her on a self-destructive path. Nine out of ten rape victims don’t report their rapes. Karen wants victims to choose life over death and get support. It would have been nice if the ladies had given Karen a standing ovation, but they didn’t, they were too busy with their jaws hanging open.

On the way out, Ashley tries to say hello to Charrisse, but gets the cold shoulder. Gizelle says, Table this discussion, little girl, tonight is not the time or place. Monique tells Gizelle they need to talk some other time, too, but Gizelle won’t give Monique her number. So much for apologizing for calling Gizelle a stuck-up trick when she just proved Monique’s point. The night ends with Ray telling Karen and how proud he is of his wife.

Tune in next week for a knock-down drag-out fight between Ashley and her old man husband.


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