#LHHATL Karen King Drags Tommie Lee — Exposes All Her Secrets! [FULL VIDEO]

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The term “best friends” can be used pretty loosely when it comes to TV friends. But Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars, Karen King and Tommie Lee seemed to have a geniune mother/daughter type friendship. Unfortunately, the friendship has soured — the ladies have turned on each other — and the fallout is explosive!

The drama started when a drunk Tommie Lee did an Instagram Live video dissing Karen (her former partner in crime), for appearing in a scene with Tommie’s mother, in an attempt to help repair their supposed broken relationship.



In response, Karen posted a fiery clap back, dragging her former friend on Instagram. 

But the 55-year old boss did not stop there — she continued her rant in an hour-long video exposing Tommie’s entire life! From scammed plastic surgery, to a fake Love & Hip Hop storyline, to Joseline assaulting Tommie! Check out the NSFW video below:



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