‘Stay The Fuck Out My Business!’ #RHOP Star Robyn Dixon Confronts Ashley Darby Over Spreading Relationship Gossip!

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Sunday’s all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac explodes! Since the season started, Ashley Darby has been labeled a meddling gossip and many of her co-stars are fed up with her antics — especially Robyn Dixon. Sh*t hits the proverbial fan tonight when Robyn confronts Ashley for spreading rumors about her ex husband, Juan Dixon. Check out the fight in the clip below!

As viewers saw on a recent RHOP episode, Ashley spilled the tea about Juan‘s alleged philandering, to Robyn, Gizelle Bryant and Charisse Jackson Jordan at Monique Samuels‘ game night.

Robyn and Juan‘s relationship is complicated. They are divorced but still live together, share a bed occasionally, and coparent their young sons, Carter and Corey, like a married couple. Robyn seems to want a reconciliation, so of course, she was not pleased with Ashley‘s chatter about her man.

“If [Ashley] really had something that she was concerned about, call me. I’m done. She needs to stop,” Robyn tells her cos-star, Gizelle during a car ride. Gizelle then has the bright idea to stop by Darby’s D.C. eatery, Oz Restaurant and Bar, to confront her. “Maybe we need to go to her restaurant,” Bryant suggests. “The conversation needs to be firm.”

Robyn cosigns Gizelle‘s brilliant plan, and the two roll up on Ashley at her Australian eatery Oz! Robyn waste no time getting Ashley together with a firm message.

“I just wanna tell you, you need to stay the f*ck out my business,” Robyn tells the restaurateur, who then asks, “What is the hostility for?”

That’s when Gizelle jumps in and calls Ashley out for having shady motives with revealing the news.

 “When I left the party last week, you said, ‘I’m telling you about Robyn and Juan because I’m concerned.’”

Ashley claims she was concerned.

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