EXCLUSIVE: The REAL Reason #RHOC’s Kelly Dodd Ended Her Beef With Tamra Judge & She Reacts to Fan Backlash!

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Kelly Dodd is set to kick off her sophomore season on The Real Housewives of Orange County — but are her days as fan favorite numbered?

Viewers cheered the Bravo rookie through Season 11, applauding her no holds barred approach, as she took on cast thug, Tamra Judge. However, as reported, viewers will see a reinvented Kelly Dodd, as the Bravo original enters it’s twelfth season. Despite a stellar freshman season — raking in impressive kudos for blasting Tamra and her screechy sidekick, Shannon Beador — an alliance shift is underway with Kelly Dodd.

As season 12 films, inside sources continue to spill the tea, reporting that Kelly is getting creepily cozy with Tamra Judge.

“She [Kelly Dodd] told me that she’s not going against Tamra,” reveals one insider. “She won’t even sniff there, she’s afraid of her.”

Kelly allegedly told another source.

“I’m in a good place with Tamra” — even reportedly sharing that she recently refused to engage in a gossip sesh about her co-star.

Another source claims that Tamra has Kelly spooked — nervous about past skeletons being exposed on camera.     

Kelly told me that she doesn’t want Tamra to uncover anything about her,” dished the source. “She doesn’t want to give her any reason to keep digging.”

Evidently, Tamra boasts mad detective skills, and uses them to gain the upper hand, when the going gets tough.    

Tamra is very good at pressing people for information,” the source tells AllAboutTheTea.com. “She has been scouring Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar, digging up dirt on Kelly.”

Tamra would sit in her house, glued to her computer, doing research on the other wives,” the insider added.

When AllAboutTheTea.com first reported Kelly’s skitter to the dark side, social media bombarded Kelly with questions and negative feedback. The scathing fan backlash apparently has the Bravoleb rattled. 

“I think the rumors are getting to Kelly, and she knows that her fan base will crucify her if she doesn’t perform,” one source tells AllAboutTheTea.com.

After weeks of social media silence, Kelly finally gave a nod to the loyalty shuffle on Twitter, responding to a fan, concerned about the leaked info. 


Another fan tweeted, “I was told from a very reliable person that Kelly & Vicky are tighter than ever!”

Kelly responded with a vague, “You know what’s up!”


There is a scant two weeks left in the RHOC filming schedule — making an allegiance switch-back next to impossible. Kelly should brace herself — because an alliance with Tamra Judge could make her second spin in the Bravo spotlight, one she would rather forget. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County is expected to return this summer.


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