#LittleWomenLA Recap: Jasmine Explodes Over No Invite To Tonya’s Fashion Show!

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Be prepared for lots of screaming and yelling on tonight’s episode of Little Women LA, because there’s plenty of it. We rejoin Terra, Jasmine and Tonya on the pier as they learn about Terra’s possible breast cancer and how the doctors “have never seen this before.” This is never good coming from people with medical degrees. In the meantime Terra explains there are calcium deposit in her breasts and she didn’t tell anyone about this until she could use it to her advantage find the right time. Jasmine just wants Terra and Elena to sing kumbaya and have everything to go back to normal with a group hug.

Up next, Tonya is ready to shove her Little Boss Active Wear line in the faces of her friends and “turn the haters into believers.” The lotus decal that Terra didn’t like is still part of the logo, but smaller and embroidered. We examine her yoga pants and I gotta say, I’d wear them. Tonya is feeling good. Kerwin and Angelique are on board for not storing another line in the garage.

Elsewhere, Terra and Elena meet up, each dressed like it’s ten pm and they’re going to the club. In fact, Elena’s breasts on proudly on display and she doesn’t realize how rude this is of her to do in front of Terra. Elena says to Terra, What’s up with the smoker’s voice? Had Terra been yelling at Joe? Elena then calls out Terra for saying she didn’t want to cause a scene at the party, and consequently caused a scene at the party, and consequently ruined the party. Terra tells Elena to get over herself. The party wasn’t ruined because of her. The party was ruined because she wasn’t the godmother. Elena calls Terra an attention whore and Terra tries to yell back, but can only squeak out that while Elena is sitting around doing nothing, she’s out there doing something. They hurl insults at each other and argue over who’s the better mom. Elena walks out and Terra gives her a tired, FU.

Later, Elena and Tonya are eating ice cream and talking smack about Terra. Elena seems proud of herself for not accepting Terra’s apology. Tonya tells her she talked to Terra and all Terra wanted was a heads up. (Yeah, right.) Elena says it’s her decision to make, not Terra’s. It’s not her fault Tonya blabbed about her original godparent selection. Tonya is like, Girl, you better be nice to Terra or you gonna regret it. That’s when Elena learns that Terra’s bleeding breasts may have led to possible breast cancer. Elena says she feels like a total bitch and Tonya agrees. Terra’s get out of jail card has successfully been played.

Over at Christy’s, she and daughter Autumn are struggling to make the bed. Christy’s excited that her mom and dad have finally moved out and Autumn is excited to be talking to a 15 year-old boy that lives in New York, but will soon be moving to Italy. It seems as if every catfish boyfriend Autumn has never met lives out of the country. But it’s okay because Autumn will be walking in Tonya’s fashion show. Christy is happy that Autumn is temporarily distracted.

Terra is sorting baby clothes while waiting to hear the test results. Joe thinks they should call the doctor instead of waiting, but Terra thinks they should discuss the possible outcomes for her possible cancer. No matter what, Terra wants to fight the good fight and will give up one breast if she has to. She makes the call to the doctor’s office. Right before they cut to commercial, Terra says, “What does that mean?” It means, she’s in the clear. Whew. Joe tells Terra they are blessed that she can keep on working.

Next, Tonya meets up with Briana to discuss her fashion show, and how she’s not in it. Briana is miffed and refuses to beg because…get this…she’s booked her own show. Mmm-hmm. Yeah, right. Just like she’s a Maxim model. Briana tells Tonya she hopes everything goes flawlessly for her, but secretly hopes Tonya crashes and burns.

Sometime later, Terra meets up with Jasmine and Tonya to announce the good news that her bleeding boobs didn’t lead to cancer. Everyone gives three cheers to beating cancer. Breast, breast, hooray! To celebrate they play around in bumper boats. Everyone gets wet and wild, especially Tonya who loses an eyelash and a weave during the battle. Afterwards, Terra says things went south between her and Elena. Tonya admits to telling Elena the truth about Terra’s possible cancer, and Terra is like, Bitch I wanted to hold that over her for a while.

During lunch, Tonya tells Jasmine she’s out of the fashion show. Jasmine feels unimportant because she was asked, then ditched, then discovered that Brittany is in the fashion show, and she’s not even on their show. Jasmine can barely hold back the tears as she walks out on their fast-food lunch. Tonya calls out to her, but doesn’t get off her lotus butt to go after her.

It’s time for the fashion preview with Terra who now loves the lotus logo and takes credit for it. Terra tries on an outfit and the top is cute, but Terra should really wear the black pants we saw earlier. Tonya then tells Terra that Jasmine won’t take her calls and blames Terra’s crazy situation on her forgetting to tell Jasmine she’s fired. Terra couldn’t care less and really wants to laugh at the fact that Briana’s not in the show because she smells like a wet dog. Tonya admits the success of her new active line will either make her or break her and Briana’s body odor won’t help nobody.

Up next, Briana is meeting up with Jasmine to try again at their friendship at some place that serves the coolest cupcakes drinks. Briana wastes no time gushing about Maverick and his health issues and how she’s a mom and this is what mom’s do, brag about themselves. So get this…about Briana’s fashion show. Get this…Briana didn’t do it. Get this…they wanted her to wear a sweatshirt and dye her hair brown so…get this…she’d look taller. Yeah, that’ll do the trick. If nothing else, Briana and Jasmine can bond over their disgust at being overlooked as models for Tonya

We are at the after party for the Little Boss Active Wear but we didn’t get to see the fashion show because there kind of wasn’t one. It was a showing at a shopping mall gallery and Christy stepped in at the last minute to help out as a model. What matters is that Tonya is happy. Elena arrives and steps away with Terra to discuss her non-cancer. When Elena apologizes, Terra calls her a flip-flopper. Terra says she wants to be friends again, but doesn’t know how to let go of her storyline figure things out between them.

In struts Christy in her sweet satin bow, then Jasmine and Briana in their dominatrix leather. Right away Tonya and Jasmine start screaming at each other. Tonya is like, Heifer, I am not thirsty. And Jasmine is like, Go jump in the ocean. Christy tries to say, Hey my being in the show was a total accident. And feeling left out, Briana jumps in with a lie. She tells Tonya she was only “planning” to walk in another runway show and Tonya should have asked her too. Jasmine tries her best to reclaim the attention for the injustice of not being in Tonya’s show, but then Elena has the audacity to say she thinks Jasmine is overreacting. Really? I guess she should know. Tonya and Jasmine cuss each other out over whether Jasmine was asked or was forgotten. Jasmine says she hoped she ruined Tonya’s day. On the street corner, Jasmine cries, Why, why, why does everyone always forget about little ole me and how wonderful I am?

Tune in next week when Christy is in some kind of weird dance video and Todd goes under the knife. 


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