Phaedra Parks Caught In Another Lie on #RHOA Secrets Revealed!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta might be in Phaedra Parks rear view mirror, but the shady attorney continues to be busted in lies. A post-season  RHOA Secrets Revealed episode exposed yet another fib in Phaedra’s dodgy repertoire.

In a scene with co-star, Kenya Moore, Phaedra claimed that her imprisoned husband, Apollo Nida, was “actively contesting” her divorce filing.

“So he’s actively contesting it?” Kenya asked, to which Phaedra responded, “Pretty much, yeah.”

Phaedra’s statement is false, according to Apollo’s attorney, Tessie Edwards. Edwards spoke to Radar Online earlier this month, clarifying what actually went down between her client and the reality star.   

“It’s important to note that when Apollo got served with the divorce, he had called Phaedra and asked her about it, because it wasn’t even in their legal name,” Edwards said.

Apollo’s name was spelled “Nita” not “Nida” in the original filed paperwork.

Phaedra advised him that she was going to just set the entire divorce aside,” Edwards explained. “She said that there were errors in the papers as they appeared, and not to worry, that they will file it when he gets out of prison.”

The alleged dirty biz continued, with Phaedra supposedly scheming to push through the divorce without Apollo’s knowledge.

“After that, he didn’t get any more notices, and didn’t hear anything else about it,” Edwards alleged. “She told him to disregard the complaint entirely, that this would wait. He was totally blindsided when he found out he was divorced!”

Apollo was reportedly told to wait it out — while Phaedra was allegedly bulldozing ahead full force. A judge ultimately decided that Apollo was not properly served, nor informed of the final divorce hearing. Phaedra’s alleged bamboozle failed — and a new court date was set for July 10th.

Bravo broke ties with Phaedra and her fictitious facts — but the murky legal drama with her incarcerated ex rolls on. Stay tuned.


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