‘You Live In Filth!’ Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra Blasted By #TeenMomOG Fans For NASTY & Hazardous Home! [VIDEOS]

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Teen Mom trailer park spirit  EXPOSED!

Mother’s Day love turned messy for Teen Mom OG couple, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra Sunday, after an Instagram video inadvertently exposed a hazardous reality.

Tyler posted a video of the couple’s daughter, Nova, 2, carrying breakfast to the MTV mom — revealing a littered bedroom in the background. Buzzing, exposed fan blades added more controversy—triggering a barrage of social media concern and disgust. 


“Guys you have to get a new fan that one is so dangerous … baby girl is gonna get hurt. I will buy you one.”

“Sweet. Glad that cutie didn’t get her hair stuck in that fan though. That hurts!!”

“Ffs your rooms are always so nasty. You guys live in filth. You don’t do anything all day. Clean your damn house. Smh. So trashy. Poor kid.”

“Put your finger in a moving plastic fan then let us know what happens hows that..”

“I thought the same thing and what’s up with the dirty tissues in the floor?”

“Put a cover on the damn fan before she chops her fingers off. And pick up the dirty clothes off the floor!”

“Poor thing… put the pot bowl down and clean up throw that fan out. Child proof your house..”

“Why is the house a mess?”

“Omg please put the face back on that fan so Nova doesn’t get hurt!”

Tyler posted a follow-up video, offering a sarcastic response to the social media critics.

Tyler slammed “parent shaming” in his caustic post, writing, “WARNING ⚠️ this video contains a high amount of graphic injuries & complete destruction of a parents bedroom. So I apologize to all of you “perfect” parents that always have your bedrooms clean & spotless…oh and the ones that also have fan covers too, I mean you guys are SUPER special & perfect, but this video may disturb you. I am raw, real, honest & literally have no shame. My only regret?…I wish I cared more.”


One follower nailed it — not buying Tyler’s crybaby comeback.

“I have two kids, work full time, and go to school, but manage to clean my house up. This isn’t funny, it’s stupid. Messy and dirty are two different things. I didn’t know anyone cared about you or how you keep your house, news to me. I guess you guys really pay attention to negative comments, which would indicate you DO care, as much as you proclaim you don’t.”

Tyler continues to address the drama on Twitter—further proving the commenter’s point.

Catch up with Catelynn and Tyler on Teen Mom OG, Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET on MTV.


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