#RHOA Mama Joyce Wants Phaedra Parks’ Law License Revoked & Kandi Compensated Over Rape Lie!

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Everybody knooows…..Mama Joyce don’t play when it comes to her money and Kandi

Mama Joyce is still fuming over the vicious slander started by Phaedra ParksNow the gutsy grandmother is making the argument that Parks should not be allowed to practice law because of the Kandi Burruss’ alleged plot to drug and rape Porsha Williams lie.

Mama Joyce is pushing for her daughter to take legal action.

“I think she should sue Phaedra,” she told Radar Online. “I told her she should. Kandi says: ‘Mama you’re so cold.’ I would be. I would sue her for whatever the most I could possibly get,” she said.

Kandi‘s mama delighted in all the post reunion backlash Phaedra received — especially the loss of her RHOA job,  but her daughter wasn’t quite as angry.

Kandi has a soft heart and feels sorry for people,” Mama Joyce explained. “She’s too nice for her own good. She hates hurting anybody. She hates to see anybody hurt.”

However, she revealed that Kandi was thankful the network took extreme measures to punish Phaedra for her damaging actions.

“She’s glad, but you can never be completely vindicated when there is a lie like that.”

Kandi has been fairly quiet since the scandal broke but is reading fan reactions on social media. 

“But she’s happy that people do know what a liar Phaedra is. She’s reading everything that is coming out about Phaedra. Someone joked that VH1 is doing a new reality show for Phaedra called ‘The Lying Tea.’ She thought that was funny. It does make you feel better that people know she was lying.”

In conclusion, Mama Joyce wants Phaedra to pay, in more ways than one.

 “Phaedra is a notorious liar. I would not be vindicated by that heifer. She would not have a legal leg to stand on,” she claimed. “I would take her before the board of Georgia ethics for her law degree.”


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