#LittleWomenLA Recap: Terra Ruins Elena’s Baptism Party After Learning She’s NOT Godmother!

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This week on Little Women LA we are with Elena and Tonya as they shop for baby clothes. This triggers Tonya to mention she is still looking for fabric for her active wear line that she is debuting at LA’s Fashion Week. Elena is like, Whaaaat? And Tonya is like, Girl it’s so stressful to be me. The conversation shifts to who Elena has selected to be the Godparents and Tonya darn near falls over when she learns Jasmine and Chris have been chosen. Elena thinks Terra is too busy. And Chris and Jasmine aren’t because they’ve got nothing going on.

Todd is getting ready to get his gastric sleeve, but before he does, he must lose weight and give up snacks. Christy makes a big to-do over throwing out all of Todd’s favorite junk food that he blames on Christy’s mom for putting in their pantry. Todd looks like a sad little boy as Christy’s tosses the food in a trash bag and promises he’ll lose the weight…this time. Meanwhile, Christy and Todd are upset that Autumn is conversing with the boy from London again. The “bullshit artist” has never even sent Autumn a card, flowers, candy, jewelry, clothes, shoes, or a car. Nothing. What a loser. Christy hates, hates, hates, this guy’s influence over Autumn, so Todd says he’ll talk to her, like that’s going to make a difference.

Up next, Terra is cooking for Joe while he sits on a little chair in the middle of the kitchen. He’s not interested in the mercury poisoned salmon she’s serving up, so Terra pulls out a piece of paper and says they need to talk. She tells Joe not to freak out, but that usually has the opposite effect on people. Unfortunately, Terra has gotten a bad ultrasound. Her exam showed findings that may be due to breast cancer. Terra says she knew something was up when her boobs started leaking blood. Ya think? Terra needs a biopsy and Joe suggests that Terra call his mom if she needs somebody to talk to.

It’s time to have the talk with Autumn. Let’s do it in public while eating gourmet dog food, shall we? But before that, Christy wants to gloat over the fact that the girls are now on her side instead of Briana’s side. Now it’s about Autumn. Christy tells her she knows Lord Douche Bag is back in the picture. Autumn is like, Umm, how? And Christy lies and tells her that her friends ratted her out, but really Christy went through her phone. Christy explains she can date, but she can’t talk on the phone to jerks who live in another country, far, far away. Autman yells at her mother that she doesn’t want Lord Douche Bag to come visit anyway because she doesn’t want the little lord to meet her mom.

Elsewhere, Tonya and Jasmine meet for a drink and discuss her active wear line. She has placed her order and her clothes came back with tons of mistakes. Here’s why, learn to sew. Next they discuss the after party for the baptism. Only the parents and godparents can attend the church ceremony and the rest will celebrate at a local bar. Tonya feels Elena made the right choice because if Terra can ignore her own kids, she will have no problems ignoring Elena’s. Jasmine hopes Terra can “hold her tongue” about her disappointment over being fired as the Godparent. Yeah, that’ll happen.

Next we join Christy for her medical visit. While other reality stars bring you along to observe their face being lasered, their butt being flushed, or their hoo-haw being waxed, Christy is taking us for a spinal tap that will run from her spine to her brain for a radioactive cat scan. Todd is freaking out, and so am I. Christy still isn’t feeling well post-surgery and this will hopefully tell her doctor’s why. Turns out, Christy didn’t have a spinal tap – the doctors stuck the needle directly into her neck. Whew.

Briana and Matt stop off at the medical supply store to get an oximeter for Maverick to measure how much oxygen he gets while sleeping. The problem is the gadget is way too big, so they will need to special order an infant size. Briana tells Matt she wants to get a second opinion from the doctor that her new bestie Terra has recommended. Matt agrees to allow Briana to talk with Terra – if the subject matter is about Maverick. Next up, the invite to the baptism. Matt doesn’t want to bring Maverick because he doesn’t want him around Christy because…wait for it…it’s really good…because Christy has a sick and disgusting energy. Said the guy who’s the guru of sick and disgusting energy. 

Christy is at home updating her mother Sharyn about how her nerves will have to be cauterized due to the artery that was nicked during the original surgery. Christy explains to her mom that not only does she have a pain in the neck, her mom is a pain in the neck as well. Sharyn thinks Christy is bossy and Christy thinks Sharyn is nosey. Plus Sharyn would like Champagne at night, but Christy doesn’t allow alcohol in the home. That settles it. It’s time for Grandpa and Grandma to move out.

The private baptism is over and it’s now time to celebrate. Jasmine and Elena are dressed like it’s disco night at the Roxbury. Terra and Joe (wearing a heavy gold chain) arrive at the party after climbing 20 flights of stairs. When Briana and Matt show up, they go with Terra and Joe to the bar to get a drink. Briana tells them the reason they didn’t bring Maverick is because they didn’t want him around Christy. Todd says he totally gets it. Just then, Christy, Todd and Autumn arrive and Briana glares at them.

Tonya arrives and she is the only one who goes over to the corner where Todd, Christy, and Autumn have been banished are sitting. Tonya tells them she’s on Christy’s side and everyone blames Matt for Briana’s fall into hypocrisy.  Jasmine interrupts and asks for everyone’s attention to announce that she and her husband Chris are soooo honored to be Kairo and Xavier’s Godparent’s. Terra is like, Whaaaat?

As soon as the toast is over, Terra calls out Elena for betraying her. Terra says she’s out of there. Elena is like, I don’t vunderstand. Even Briana is like, When did this happen, but is secretly enjoying the pathway to being Terra’s best friend has just been cleared. Terra tries to storm out, but Joe wants to stay because it’s an open bar. And who can blame him. It’s called priorities.

Elena and Jasmine follow Terra down the very long staircase. Then they start yelling and even with the help of subtitles, who knows what they are saying. Jasmine says let her go and Tonya says Terra should have been warned.

The following day, Tonya and Jasmine are meeting with Terra – at Terra’s request. Terra apologizes to them both and says it’s Elena’s fault she walked out of the party. No one is buying what she’s selling and Tonya tells Terra, Heifer you was rude. Terra says it wasn’t nice – especially with what she’s going through. Dun, dun, duuunnn. Terra tells the women the real reason they are at the pier: She may have breast cancer.

To be continued…


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