Bobby Brown Slams Phaedra Parks ‘Lawyering Skills’ & Feels She’s A Fame Whore!

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Who knew Bobby Brown had Real Housewives of Atlanta tea to spill?

Brown’s memoir, “Every Little Step,” is a definite page-turner and while his entire book is an entertaining read — the juicy parts pertain to his former attorney Phaedra Parks!

The New Edition member does not hold back his displeasure of the ex Bravoleb. He describes Phaedra as a fame whore — who was more interested in press coverage than his legal representation. 

“Every time I stepped into the courtroom when she [Phaedra Parks] was my lawyer, there would always be a host of television cameras. It was as if she had her own traveling media contingent. I even complained to her about it, telling her I didn’t like having the press there every time I approached the courthouse.”

When the Atlanta attorney represented Brown in court, he ended up in jail — a lot.

“I won’t cast aspersions on her [Phaedra Parks] lawyering skills, but I will say that when she was my lawyer, I usually wound up going to jail.”

Bobby‘s comments about Phaedra‘s handling of his case stood out to me. Cynthia Bailey’s epic comeback, “Win a case,” at the RHOA Season 7 reunion, comes to mind.

Phaedra‘s former client describes her as desperate for fame, so when the lawyer turned reality star debuted on The Real Housewives of Atlanta — it was expected.

“My lawyer at the time was a black woman named Phaedra Parks, who went on to become a reality television star on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her later television stardom didn’t surprise me because she always seemed like she was craving attention and publicity.”


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