‘Little People Big World’ Fans Sound Off and Take Sides in Roloff Post-Divorce War!

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Little People Big World is tiptoeing into uncharted territory this season, as a post-divorce reality redefines the TLC hit.

Matt and Amy Roloff have weathered their divorce and are both dating other people — a complicated  shift that has recaptured and piqued the interest of fans. Viewers are vocally choosing sides, as Matt and Amy seek to live individual lives, within a close family structure. 

The premiere episode centered around a gender reveal party, where we watched Zach and Tori Roloff learn that they were having a baby boy. Matt’s new girlfriend and longtime farm manager, Caryn Chandler, was invited to the family gathering, while Amy chose to keep her beau, Chris Marek, on the outside. Facebook sounded off about the episode, and the vibe was a passionate one, as fans swapped thoughts. Where do you land, as a new season takes off?

Team Amy
  • “I thought Matt was a ass on the new show Amy was trying to share happy memories and Matt had to talk about the divorce..”
  • “Yes...Matt is condescending in his comments to Amy…always has been! I agree with Amy...it wasn’t the time or place to show off your new gal (yes, I know she has been around the family for years…BUT now as Matt’s new date-tacky in my view).”
  • “Always liked Matt until he did that. It was low of him to bring her. It was a slap in the face for Amy. Matt you are an ASS!”
  • “How Amy put up with Matt for so many years I don’t know. Arrogant know-all of a man, she deserves a medal. Have a happy life now Amy!!!”
  • “Doncha just love how Matt CANNOT leave Amy the hell alone? He brings his new girlfriend to the party, then goes into the kitchen to badger Amy! He is still so stuck on Amy, it’s sickening.”
  • Matt left her. She just thought it was a family thing. She isn’t jealous. Matt is a selfish ass who has always put Amy down.”
Team Matt
  • Amy drives me insane!. It’s for her to date, but Matt shouldn’t be allowed? Amy wants to be happy, to rub it in Matt’s face, & Matt be alone forever!. She needs to move off the damn farm. She feels so much entitlement, it’s ridiculous.”
  • “I disagree. Amy’s the one who acts like she’s jealous of Matt’s happiness.”
  • “Once again, Amy showed her true colors. She can’t get through ONE episode without challenging Matt. Surprised Matt put up with her rude, crude comments, not to mention her unkept house and appearance, for so many years. Hope his new girlfriend treats him right.”
  • “I couldn’t agree more. Amy behaves like a bitter, jealous brat.”
  • Matt needs to buy Amy out. So she can move away, can’t stand Amy, two faced.”
  • Matt is more happy than Amy is.”

Team Roloff is now split in two — do you believe that the ex-couple will find family peace, as they await the births of their two grandchildren?

Watch Little People Big World, and check out how the Roloff clan navigates their new normal, tonight, at 9:00 p.m. ET, on TLC.


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