#RHOA Reunion Recap: Porsha Williams EXPLODES After Phaedra Parks LIES About Kandi Burruss Rape Allegations!

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Welcome to the fourth and final installment of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. Can I get an amen! We pick right back up with Porsha explaining that her mouthpiece Phaedra will be speaking on her behalf since she was served a cease and desist by Kandi, since Phaedra was the one who told Porsha that Kandi wanted to drug her. Everyone freaks out, including Andy, that it was Phaedra who started the rumor. And here starts the spin. Phaedra says it was something she merely repeated. But then Porsha says wait a cotton picking minute – Phaedra told Kandi admitted this. The freakometer hits an all-time high. 

Kandi, with tears streaming down her face, says THE LIES! THE LIES! THE LIES! Porsha is crying too, so Phaedra cuddles her like a baby, proclaiming she would never have repeated this if it wasn’t said. The other ladies shake their heads and you know Kenya is just loving this. “Marvin” doesn’t believe a word coming out of Phaedra’s mouth and wishes Peter would come back so he wouldn’t be all alone with these crazy women. Andy tries once again to get to the bottom of this but Porsha walks off the set, ruining his attempt to pretend he’s Anderson Cooper.

Porsha is lured back to the set but Phaedra is still denying she said this. Porsha is like, WHY? WHY? Next Phaedra uses this year’s number one excuse on The Real Housewives – they don’t remember saying whatever it is they are accused of saying. Porsha reads her the riot act, but Phaedra is still saying she didn’t create the rumor, she is only guilty of repeating it. That’s like saying, I wasn’t drunk out of my mind, I just didn’t eat enough. You still did it.

Andy asks Phaedra why, as an attorney, she would “repeat” something that may not be true, especially when she had to know this lie would come out. Is she that mad at Kandi? Hell yeah, she is, but Phaedra is lying and denying, sitting there like a block of ice. Now it’s Kandi’s turn to walk off the set, and half the cast follows her. And get this, Phaedra has the nerve to say, “Now I’m the doggone villain.” Bitch, please! You are the slanderous snake slithering in the sand. And Porsha is your mouse.

So now we are backstage with Kandi and Todd as he tries to talk his wife off the ledge. Porsha exits stage right and goes to a different room, asking for her sister, but too bad, Shamea is who you get. Shamea says she’s not there to say, I told you so, but when people say this, yes they are. Lauran strolls in like she just got there and has no clue what the hell happened. When Porsha tells her, even Lauren thinks this shit’s crazy. And so does Cynthia, and so does Sheree, and so does Kenya. Ding, ding, ding! Porsha finally gets she was Phaedra’s pawn in her twisted game of chess.

Andy steps in Porsha’s make-up room, because she needs it, the streaks are showing bad, to ask if she felt set up by Phaedra. Hell, yeah, Anderson! Wouldn’t you? Andy says it will be interesting to hear why Phaedra did this (not going to happen) and to hear Porsha apologize to Kandi (might happen). Andy goes over to the TeamKandi section and tells her he’s shocked at the low level Phaedra has stooped to (he’s really not). Phaedra then goes into Porsha’s dressing room and says, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have repeated it.” Porsha says, “You have to understand how fucked…up…this…is.” She wants answers from Phaedra or Frick and Frack are over (yes please).

And we’re back! Andy puts it back Phaedra’s court and starts by saying he’s surprised that as an attorney she would do this. Phaedra says she made a “rash” decision. Girl, I hope that rash is itching real bad. Phaedra apologizes again but won’t explain the why’s or how’s of telling repeating a lie of this magnitude. Andy thinks accusing someone of rape is whack, so Phaedra tries a different spin. She claims that Porsha misheard what she said. Porsha is like, Girl, you lie like a dirty rug.

Kenya asks about the sex dungeon and the Marvin stories and we learn Phaedra was also behind the rumors about Todd. Turns out, Todd has not been in New York without Kandi all last year. Andy asks Phaedra to own the fact that she was mad at Kandi, but she won’t. Phaedra calls it a “bad judgment” and says she wasn’t trying to use Porsha – even though we all know she was. It’s sad that Phaedra was holding the restoration because everyone else needed saving. Porsha apologizes to Kandi, but Kandi is like, Mmm-hmm, whatever. 

Moving onto something else, but not really because it’s more evidence that Phaedra wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped her on her donkey ass. Flashbacks are shown of Phaedra and Apollo and Phaedra’s sketchy bidness with Johnnie suing Kandi. Let’s begin with Johnnie. Phaedra claims she was just being a good steward of the law by accompanying Johnnie to a real lawyer. But the litigation is still ongoing. Kandi says Phaedra is vindictive. Andy asks again if Phaedra was trying to hurt Kandi and Phaedra again says no. Girl you to build a bridge and get over yourself.

The big question is, was there a Mr. Chocolate? Inquiring minds couldn’t give a damn about Phaedra and her love life, but Andy asks the question anyway. Kandi says she never said Phaedra was having sex with another man. Phaedra was talking to another man and was moving on. Phaedra says Mr. Chocolate helped her deal with her husband going to prison for the second time. Besides they were only having phone sex fellowship and never met in person.

Kandi explains that when Apollo’s fiancé showed up at the OLG party she thought she would get blamed for it, but Phaedra says when she saw the episode she knew Kandi wasn’t involved. And Phaedra says she meant it when she said she loved Kandi more than Apollo. Eww.

Andy tells Phaedra that he has no idea what is going on inside of her and Phaedra is like, “Oh well, what more can I do?” Phaedra then has the gall to say she’s most concerned about Porsha – not Kandi and all the lies she spread. Porsha says it will take a massive revival or restoration or whatever it’s called for her to get over this. Andy tells Kenya this was her most drama-free reunion. And he’s right. Part 4 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta ends when Andy brings out a cake for Cynthia with 50 on top. Hallelujah it’s over!

What do you think? Should Phaedra’s peach be revoked? What’s the point of watching someone on a reality show who does not keep it real? Who should stay and who should go?


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