‘Little People Big World’ Matt Roloff Finds Love After Ex Wife Flaunts Boyfriend Around Farm!

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Little People Big World premiered Tuesday night — and while a new baby is on the way, all is not sweet and peaceful on the Roloff farm.

Matt introduced his new love, farm manager, Caryn Chandler, as his girlfriend for the first time, one year after finalizing his divorce from ex-wife, Amy. Caryn, 49, was invited to Matt and Amy’s son, Zach’s gender reveal party, by his wife, Tori. However, the happy event was peppered with confessional snark from both sides of the Roloff clan.

Matt shared his thoughts about what Caryn brings to his life — and threw in  a little shade toward the mother of his four children.

“After our divorce, I had to do a lot of soul searching and think about what I wanted in life, and Caryn offered me great companionship,” Matt said. “We enjoy the same sort of social settings, and company and friendship…Amy and I didn’t have that. It’s different. This is a really neat person that’s full of life and I think she’s cute.”

Amy behaved graciously in the moment, and put Zach and Tori’s big reveal  first. She did make a point to explain why she did not believe that the gathering was the appropriate place to introduce her own love interest, Chris Marek. She spilled her real thoughts about Matt’s new cutie in a confessional spot.

“Seeing Caryn here threw me for a loop more than I would have liked,” Amy admitted. “I think coming here to this particular event is an intimate family thing…It just throws a whole different dynamic to my life here on the farm.”

Amy also hinted at her discomfort to a friend, remarking “you don’t even want to go there,” when asked how it felt to have Caryn in the family mix.

It’s relevant to note that it was Amy who stepped into the dating world first, even inviting her love interest onto the farm, forcing awkward interaction with her adult kids.

However, Amy and Zach both shaded Matt and Caryn’s romance—were they hinting that something had been brewing before the split?

Caryn’s been part of this world or quite some time. If that’s what Matt wants, why should I have anything to say about that?” Amy remarked.

Zach’s attitude translated loud and clear, in a huffy confessional clip.

Caryn’s a part of the Roloff farm operation. As far as their relationship goes, I don’t have anything to say about it,” Zach said. “My parents are divorced, so…yeah.”

Will family shade darken the bloom of new love? Watch Little People Big World, Tuesday nights, on TLC.


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