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‘Freak and Fraud!’ NeNe Leakes Drags Phaedra Parks & Porsha Williams On #WWHL For Scheming To Frame Kandi For Rape!

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On Watch What Happens Live, NeNe Leakes joined Andy Cohen to give her take on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. NeNe watched last night’s episode three times and it about made her “wig slide off.”

NeNe gave her opinion of the ladies’ reunion looks. First, Sheree Whitfield needs to stop wearing dark lipstick. Kandi Burruss looked great in gold. Phaedra Parks had a great hair color. She couldn’t take in Porsha Williams’ look because she was too focused on all the bullshit coming out of Porsha’s mouth.

When Peter Thomas, Cynthia’s ex-husband, kept interrupting the women and mumbling under his breath, NeNe understood his frustration.

“He was over the lies, and I get that… He was kind of upset about all the lies… Porsha’s sitting there…every season she has a different guy. She’s not in real relationships. People are always on Kenya about bringing different men…but her relationships are just as fake as Kenya’s.”

Sheree finally had a breakthrough moment with Bob when she realized this season that he wasn’t sorry for abusing her. NeNe was surprised by it all.

“I’ve known Bob and Sheree for years. I was surprised to hear that Bob was violent at all. He’s always been a funny guy.”

Andy showed the shadiest moments from the RHOA reunion and also from the Real Housewives of Potomac. Then he talked about the Frick and Frack’s (Porsha and Phaedra) friendship. Is it real or merely an alliance formed for the cameras? NeNe doesn’t think the friendship is genuine.

“I just think they had an alliance. Like they said, it’s like being on an episode of Survivor.”

Andy showed the reveal about who told Porsha the rumors that Kandi and Todd wanted to drug her and haul her back to their mythical sex dungeon. NeNe didn’t bat a false eyelash that Phaedra was the source of all the lies and rumors.

Phaedra’s been doing this bullshit a long time. Phaedra did the same thing to me as we’ve already discussed before, years ago when she first came on the show. She brought on my half biological sister on the show and filmed with her the same way she did with Kandi when she brought that Johnny guy on. She did the same thing to me, tried to take me down. It didn’t work because we ended up getting it before it even hit the air… So, Phaedra has been doing stuff like this. She just got caught with these girls. Freak and Fraud.”

On a sneak peek of next week’s show, Porsha is confused and in tears over Phaedra’s admission. Shamea Morton tells Porsha she’s been used.

When Kim Zolciak-Biermann returned to read Kenya at Sheree’s housewarming party, NeNe thought the confrontation was funny.

“I thought it was fun shade, and that’s what it’s supposed to be about.”

When asked why Phaedra would start a rumor about Kandi, NeNe said:

“I don’t know. I just think Phaedra is like a person that, we’ve said it for so long, that has a way of wanting to be seen one way but she does all these things behind camera. She’s always been that way. This is not anything new… For us that worked with her, we’ve always known that person.”

When a caller wanted to know if Porsha brought down the class of the RHOA franchise, NeNe said “absolutely.”

Porsha is not innocent at all… If you and I decide to rob a bank together, I mastermind it and you carry out the plans, and we went before a judge, we’d both be sentenced, honey, for a life in prison, child. So, Porsha is just as guilty as Phaedra. She isn’t that damned dumb, but she just running around here saying someone done raped her and wanting to do all this crazy stuff to her, she could have simply asked Kandi. Who sits up and carries this lie out throughout the entire season without even asking them?”

Kandi and I are good now. Thank goodness she came from under Phaedra’s spell.”

Who would NeNe like to see kicked off the show?

“Freak and Fraud. I’d love to see Kim back on the show.”

If Kandi really had a sex dungeon, NeNe doesn’t think it would be a big deal.

Kandi always talked about sex. She has sex toys and all those things. It would be a big deal if I was in the sex dungeon.”

So, are looking forward to NeNe rejoining the show? And will Frick and Frack get the sack?


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