Miss Nikki Baby Wants ‘Pregnant Sex’ With Joseline Hernandez on ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ [VIDEO]

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Although Joseline Hernandez is 9-months pregnant on the current season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta — her motherly instincts haven’t quite kicked in yet. 

On tonight’s all-new episode, the Puerto Rican Princess is considering ‘pregnant sex’ with Miss Nikki Baby. In the following video clip, she’s working out at the gym and tells her trainer that she doesn’t have any time to waste. She wants to stunt on everybody with a tight body almost instantly after giving birth to Bonnie Bella.

She then tells Jason, the trainer she plans to have a water birth, Jason asks who she’ll have in the pool with her,  “You show me $100 and I’ll get in that nasty-ass pool with you.”

The convo turns to sex and Miss Nikki Baby‘s upcoming visit. Joseline is starting to feel some pregnancy pressure. Although, she doesn’t feel sexy at 9-months — she’s planning to have sex with Miss Nikki.

Nikki is coming into town tonight and she definitely wants to have pregnant sex, but I’m really not feeling it because, you know, I’ve got this big stomach, but we all know my baby’ll freak — so I guess we need to speak to her and see where her mind is at.”

Viewers will also see Joseline‘s X-rated baby shower equipped with strippers in this episode — tune in tonight, Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET on VH1 to witness Joseline‘s shenanigans and the birth of her baby, Bonnie Bella.


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