#RHOA Phaedra Parks Wants Prenup Enforced So Apollo Nida Can’t Get Alimony

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After a fraudulent divorce scandal blew up in Phaedra Parks‘ face — the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is using a new tactic to stick it to her ex in their divorce saga!

Phaedra doesn’t want to leave the division of their assets up to a judge — as Apollo Nida requested. She’s asking a Georgia court to enforce a prenup Nida signed in 2009 to prevent him from trying to collect alimony.

The prenup was signed nine days prior to their wedding on October 23, 2009. Supposedly, the ironclad agreement stipulates that both, Phaedra and Apollo, waive their rights to alimony. She also claims they agreed how to divide their assets when they signed on the dotted line, reports TMZ.

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As reported, Phaedra’s divorce judgment was tossed by a judge in March. The judge felt that the divorce was unfair to Nida  particularly, siting malicious intent to take advantage of him while in prison.

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The 43-year old attorney claims that since her soon-to-be ex went to prison for bank fraud in 2014 — the value of his possessions have dropped significantly.

Stay tuned as this messy divorce drags on. 


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