#LHHNY Star Remy Ma’s Daughter Threatens To ‘Fuck Up’ Rah Ali Over Nicki Minaj Video Diss ‘Imma Beat Her Ass’ [Video]

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The feud between Rashida “Rah” Ali and rapper Remy Ma is getting uglier everyday!

Last week, Nicki Minaj reignited beef among the former Love & Hip Hop New York friends, when Minaj posted a photo of her with her “sister” on Instagram supporting Ali’s business endeavors, the post went viral, and Ali was called out for being a snake in the grass. Then to add fuel to the fire, a few days later, Minaj featured Rah Ali in her diss video, No Frauds, aimed at Remy Ma.

Ali posted a statement explaining what went down and that she is a “great person who possesses a rare trait of loyalty.”

Rah Ali

Once upon a time, Ali and Remy were best of friends, especially after Remy’s release from prison. However, the friendship fell apart after Remy “betrayed” Ali during appearances on Love & Hip Hop New York. Remy befriended Yandy Smith also known as Ali’s arch rival.

Read the full statement below.



Now, Remy’s stepdaughter (Papoose’s daughter), Dejanae Mackie, has stepped into the fray and she’s pissed off with Rah Ali’s cameo in Nicki Minaj’s video. She’s so mad that she’s making threats to physically harm Ali

Remy Ma and her stepdaughter, Dejanae Mackie

Dejanae posted an Instagram Live video, making it clear her friends should get bail money ready because she’s not afraid of going to jail for 24-hours. Clearly naive of the NYC laws, Dejanae brags to “fuck up” Ali, when she see her in the streets. Watch the NSFW video below.


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