#LittleWomenLA Recap: Jasmine Doesn’t Really Want A Friendship With Briana!

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On this week’s Little Women LA we join Elena and Jasmine who are discovering how much they have in common what with their nerdy husbands and each having two boys. These two used to not get along, but now that Briana is out, Elena is in. They bond over lunch, discussing how they didn’t enjoy the sex expo now that they have kids. Warning to women considering having children: the sex sling will be a thing of the past. Elena tells Jasmine that Mary is rude, but they squashed their spat at the sexpo. Speaking of squashed, Elena’s boobs basically have a seat at the table. Now it’s Jasmine’s turn to rag on Briana. She’s tired of Briana’s fragile, insecure, jealous little self.

Across town, Christy is shopping with her daughter Autumn for an outfit for the catwalk audition. Each one demonstrates how it’s done. Christy tells Autumn that for now she and Terra are kind of getting along, so knock on wood. Christy can’t find any so she knocks on her head. Christy is finally feeling good about life now that Todd has agreed to get the gastric sleeve. After his sleep study is complete, it’s time for surgery and bam, Todd will get his sexy back.

Tonya drops by a grumpy Terra’s house. Terra has been barfing ever since the sexpo. Tonya is so glad she didn’t go even though it was because of braggadocios Mary. She has better things to do than hang out with heifers that try too hard. Terra tells Tonya she’s jealous. Tonya says, hell no, it’s because Terra is backing up Mary more than her. Terra doesn’t understand how Tonya can’t support a fellow little who shares the same dream.

It’s now time to unveil the sexy photo shoot pictures. Briana and Matt especially love the one with Briana’s ass hanging out. The objective first is to get Briana’s pictures out there because let’s face it, Maxim is a long shot. Briana feels that her modeling career is finally coming together, but she doesn’t want to share it with the other ladies until it’s in print or on-line. Famous last words.

Up next, Jasmine has arrived for Mary’s casting. And guess who else showed up? Elena. But she doesn’t want to walk in the show. She’s just there to stir up shit. Terra is still sick and can’t make it and Tonya of course is a no show. But Christy and Briana arrive for the audition. Briana walks first and Mary thinks her hands are like penguins. Christy is next and crazy but fun. Jasmine is a natural and she’s never walked before. Elena wants Mary to walk on the catwalk to show the girls what she wants. Mary won’t because it’s not about her and thinks Elena is stepping over the line. But Mary finally relents and Elena is still not happy. She tells Mary her walk is unprofessional, Darling. At last, Elena leaves. Then Jasmine leaves after Briana says how Elena normally is supportive. Christy asks if everyone is on their period.

Terra’s stomach flu is over so she meets up with Jasmine to shop with Mary for cheap souvenirs to take back to London. Jasmine tells Terra the audition was awkward because Briana said she’s always up Terra’s ass. Terra says that Tonya is mad at her because her life is so simple. Mary walks up so the conversation stops. Terra tells the girls that a friend has made a painting of her and will display it at an art gallery and everyone’s invited. Mary tells Jasmine and Terra that Briana was in a big photoshoot, too. Crickets can be heard because Terra and Briana don’t care. Jasmine will go to the gallery, but tells Terra that Briana had better stay away. On that note, Mary says if Elena trash talks her one more time, she’s coming out of retirement and the gloves are coming off. Terra warns Mary to be careful – they’ve got Elena’s back – even though the little Russian can take care of herself.

Over at Christy and Todd’s place they learn the results of Todd’s sleep study. His heart and lungs are awesome but his sleep apnea is so severe, limited amounts of oxygen are getting to his brain. On top of that his liver is obese, too, so lay off the alcohol. But he’s cleared for surgery. Christy tells Todd not to worry about his liver because it can regenerate. Worry about dying in his sleep from lack of oxygen.

The painting of Terra is very cool. I’m no art critic but it’s kind of like Andy Warhol meets cartoon graphics. Joe should buy it. Turns out, Jasmine couldn’t make it because her “son is sick.” Elena shares with Terra that Mary makes her blood boil because she talks the talk but can’t walk the walk.

Tonya and Kerwin arrive and then Mary and Briana. Terra asks Briana about her photo shoot. Briana downplays it and says that as soon as she knows something, she’ll let them know. But Briana is pissed that Mary stole her thunder. When Briana confronts Mary, she says, “My bad.” Briana is able to move past this because she has no choice and tells Mary that normally Elena isn’t as judgmental as she’s been lately. Good news, Joe doesn’t have to buy the painting. The artist is gifting it to Terra.

Mary tells Tonya she was hoping she would have come to her casting call. Tonya explains that designer don’t walk in other designers shows. Mary says she used to do it all the time. Tonya asks how the casting went. Mary says that except for Elena’s shadiness, things went well. Terra tells Mary to clash all you want with Elena, but she had better not fight her.

Mary goes outside and is frustrated to tears. Terra comes outside to see what’s up. Mary says she appreciates Terra introducing her to her friends, but they got issues. Terra says not everyone’s going to love you or hate you. Mary says that Terra’s friends are clickish and she’s not clickish. Terra is relieved that Mary will be leaving soon because she’s tired of defending Mary to her clickish friends.

So once again Jasmine and Briana are meeting for lunch to discuss their failing friendship. This was Briana’s idea and Jasmine is not happy about being there. They go around in a circle as Jasmine rolls her eyes over who did what. Jasmine says the only thing she’s requested from Briana is she no longer wants to be involved in her and Matt’s marriage. Briana says she’s trying to be a good friend and feels Jasmine is not seeing that. Jasmine is so over Briana and clearly misses her new BFF Elena. Briana starts crying because she now has no one. Jasmine says she needs more time to decide if this is a kind of friendship she wants. Basically Jasmine just dumped Briana.


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