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Former #DeadliestCatch Star Jacob Harris Arrested For Crystal Meth, Xanax & Vehicle Theft!

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It’s rough sailing right now for the ex Deadliest Catch star, Jacob Harris. He was busted in Phoenix on Saturday for alleged drug use and vehicle theft. When police located Harris, crystal meth and Xanax were found to be in his possession, according to RadarOnline.

So when did things go adrift? The court documents state that Harris and an unnamed female companion drove from the state of Washington to Arizona, and were staying in a Phoenix hotel when the proverbial storm blew in.

The female companion woke up to find her vehicle and Harris gone. She called police to report the missing car and said Harris did not have permission to take the car. Police caught up with the reality star at a local gas station. Harris said he had simply gone out to catch his female companion some breakfast.

This sounds perfectly logical, and Harris might have gotten away with it, except for the “baggie of Xanax” that fell out of his pocket. Police later found crystal methamphetamine in his possession.

The Phoenix police department “released [Harris] on his own recognizance.” Harris will be required to make a court appearance in Phoenix on May 5.


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