Disgraced Josh Duggar STILL In Sex Therapy Years After Cheating Scandal Rocked His World!

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Two years after his cheating and molestation drama, Josh Duggar is trying to get his life back on track.

Josh completed a bible-based rehab for his sex addiction back in March 2016. But that was only part of his treatment. He’s still receiving counseling from his pastor. 

Josh is still in counseling after his rehab stay for sex addiction. He is going to a family pastor. It’s religious counseling, so it’s not like he’s getting actual help for his issues.”An insider shared with RadarOnline.

The twenty-nine-year old father of four is still married to wife, Anna, who is now expecting baby number five. As you know, the Duggars pop those kids out on a regular basis, but there’s been a two year break between babies four and five. That’s because Josh and Anna abstained from sex after he got home from rehab. The source said:

“The reason it even took this long for Anna to get pregnant was because they had a wait period before they could have sex. They were in a rebuilding of trust phase. It was only kisses and hugs at first, as part of his therapy. They had a waiting period before they were allowed to have sex.”

While Josh was away, Anna had help from the rest of the family. But now that Josh is home, the stay at home mom is feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Josh isn’t exactly a hands-on dad.

“Her pregnancy is going well, it’s just tough because before Josh was home, she was living with the whole family and had all the girls help at the house. Now that he’s back, he’s not really helpful with the kids. Having four with one on the way is incredibly stressful and a ton of work, and just Josh isn’t really a help at all.”

Since Anna has reunited with Josh, she’ll no longer play a role on her in-laws spinoff show, Counting On. Josh was banned after he confessed to cheating on his wife. And when it was discovered that he had molested his family members as a teen, his reality TV days were officially over.

“Now that Josh is back, there is no plot line TLC can touch that includes Anna and not Josh. In the end though, it was Anna’s call. She wants to focus on her family, and sees the show as part of what ultimately brought Josh down.”

Good luck, Anna. You’re going to need it.

So, do you think Anna should have taken him back? And should they stop adding kids to this dysfunction?


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