#RHOP Recap: Monique Shuts Down Gizelle’s Hazing Antics Over Hookah!

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We begin The Real Housewives of Potomac with Gizelle picking up her adoring mother at the airport. She’s visiting from Houston. When her parents divorced, her mom moved back to Houston and according to her daughter, she’s had her ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’ moments — one or two or three times. Like mama like daughter! They engage in a lively discussion about Kevin — Gizelle‘s current suitor. Mama Bryant thinks Kevin is the perfect man for her daughter. Gizelle, however is not totally convinced. 

Next, Karen and Ray aka the black Bill Gates are on a date. They have a poignant discussion about life as empty nesters, raising their wonderful kids and life moving forward. We learn that Karen’s first marriage (in her early 20’s) produced a son — Brandon. After she divorced and married Ray, he stepped in as Brandon’s dad and raised him. The reminiscing makes Karen emotional. They also discuss their impending move. Karen doesn’t want to move unless it’s an upgrade, Ray on the other hand, wants to downsize. They end the date with a romantic slow dance. 

Next, Ashley and Monique pay Charrisse a visit. Monique is back in town after her husband Chris got inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. After they exchange pleasantries about babies and men pulling out — the ladies move onto the gossip about Gizelle shading Monique. Ashley spills the tea that Gizelle has been saying Monique brags about her four homes. Monique is shocked at the claim and says she, “do not like that fake stuff.” Ashley feels Gizelle just needs time to get to know Monique.

It’s party time! Charrisse a.k.a Cha-Cha, throws her daughter a lavish Sweet 16 birthday party. Skylar’s Sweet 16 is perfect except for the bizarre food catered by Ashley’s Oz Restaurant. No one is eating the candied bacon and she says that if no one is eating that, no one will eat the kangaroo sliders. Ya think? It’s an all white affair and the host, Skylar, wears a pretty pink dress. Charrisse‘s elusive husband Eddie, shows up at the party and it becomes too much for her to handle. Ashley misses this cue entirely and insists Charrisse introduce her to Eddie. Charrisse is not amused by Ashley‘s pushy behavior. 

Monique and her husband Chris have been cyber stalking a resort lodge mansion to call home in the Potomac area because it’s has the best school system. After all, a girl needs more than four homes. The home is ginormous at 10,000 square feet. Pray for Gizelle!

Meanwhile, Gizelle and her mama pay Kevin a visit and he lays out the red carpet for the ladies. He prepares a spread — salmon, lobster mac & cheese and veggies. He even surprises them with gifts from Tom Ford. Mama Bryant cuts the small talk and straight up asks, have they considered becoming more than friends. “Perfect” Kevin gives a mom approved response about getting to know Gizelle‘s life before he makes her his wife. Is Kevin too perfect? Gizelle suspects he may have bodies buried somewhere. I agree!

Next, the women meet for drinks, hookah and shaaaade! Karen reminds Monique about her rapping at the Willard across the street from the White House. Monique name drops and says “maybe I’ll rap for Obama the next time I see him.” Duh….of course Monique is acquainted with former POTUS Obama! Gizelle rolls her eyes and throws shade in a talking head confessional. Speaking of the Obamas — Charrisse‘s daughter Skylar knows Sasha Obama, prompting Ashley to rehash Skylar’s sweet 16 party.

Much to Charrisse‘s displeasure — Ashley tells the ladies that Charrisse‘s estranged husband Eddie Jordan was at the party. Ashley asks Charrisse did she talk to Eddie that night and Charrisse basically tells her to zip it and warns, “You do not want to get on my bad side.” Yikes!

And the drama is just getting started. Monique wants to shut down Gizelle‘s hazing antics, so she confronts her over the remarks she’s made about the newbie. “Since I’ve been coming around, you’re the only person who has been standoffish,” Monique snaps at GizelleGizelle brings up all the things she hates about Monique. She mentions her bragging about homes, dropping names, and Monique‘s $250 bottle of wine. An argument ensues and they go back and forth. Karen steps in to diffuse the situation and defend Gizelle, “We all have to earn our way to trust and dysfunction,” Karen says. Eventually Monique agrees she’ll try to be more self-aware to appease Gizelle‘s delicate sensibilities. But I doubt this fight is over.  

Next week, Ashley reveals some shocking news to Robyn about Juan seeing another woman. Stay tuned.


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