Biggest Shockers From The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 9 Reunion Part 2! #RHOA

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Welcome back to Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. We begin with Porsha popping off about no one celebrating her, especially Kandi. Then we learn Kandi donated to Porsha during her stint on Celebrity Apprentice when most of the other girls did not. Porsha’s explanation, “This is the dynamics I deal with.” Girl, please. As for Porsha’s previous bad behavior, she has already apologized for that. Kenya says, not so, and a flashback is shown verifying that Porsha did not apologize. Phaedra says that some of the girls bully Porsha, and as for all the people Porsha has bullied, why are we talking about them? They’re not here. Cynthia reads Porsha by explaining just because someone says something you don’t want to hear, doesn’t make it bullying.

Moving on, it’s time for Kenya to talk about her former relationship with Matt. Flashbacks are shown of Matt acting like a fool, and his fall from grace is disturbing to watch, but Kenya says Matt never laid a hand on her, though he did spray her surveillance camera lenses black. Andy asks Kenya why she didn’t end things sooner when his abuse became obvious. I’ll tell you why – she thought her love could save him. 

But Sheree was called out for her double-standard for telling Kenya she pushes Matt’s buttons. Sheree says she was not mocking the abuse between Kenya and Matt and she doesn’t condone it, she just didn’t understand why Kenya was afraid to travel with Porsha and her anger issues, yet she wasn’t afraid of a man who had vandalized her home four times. Kenya is then accused of revealing that Sheree had been a victim of abuse in a taunting way. Kenya denies ever hiring a man to play the role of her boyfriend.

Next up, is Phaedra’s walk of shame. The bomb threat, the divorce, the Black Lives Matters, and the lies. The divorce is currently being appealed by Apollo, the guy who’s currently engaged, even though Phaedra says she paid $100K for the settlement. Of course, we all know how Phaedra takes forever to pay her bills, so file that under: maybe. Phaedra has told her kids nothing about her divorce to their father. Or the other ladies for that matter. She denies dating anyone, but will consider a booty call with Shemar Moore – dream on, girl! And though Mama Joyce should have never played dirty detective about Phaedra’s bidness, Phaedra acts like she’s never been down and dirty herself.

And don’t get Kandi started on how vindictive Phaedra can be. Phaedra was foaming at the mouth hoping Johnnie had a claim against Kandi. Kandi flat out accuses Phaedra for creating drama because Kandi is that important – unlike Phaedra and her tired storyline. Andy puts the kibosh on talk of Johnnie because we are coming back to it later. (Nooo!) Andy wants to talk about Mama Joyce sticking her nose repeatedly in Kandi’s business. Phaedra says she doesn’t care about Mama Joyce, and Kandi says her mom did it because Phaedra tries to control what everyone says. Everyone on the left couch is shaking their heads.

Did you know that Phaedra is the only RHOA who has a bodyguard? She’s that important, y’all. Apparently lots of people want to harm her. And Phaedra’s response to everything during this part is, “That’s hearsay.” Because she’s a lawyer and that’s the only part of the law she knows. But I guess that’s why Phaedra had to bring Johnnie to another lawyer to see if he had a case – she didn’t know.

Andy asks Phaedra why she didn’t share the details of her divorce with the other ladies. Phaedra says because it’s nobody’s business. I mean, she’s only on a reality show, why share aspects of your real life when you can hide and make shit up? Phaedra submits her divorce decree to Andy to prove it was originally granted on the 12th of July, 2016. Kenya says Apollo contested this divorce because Phaedra can’t spell his name and used a fake name for herself. Then they start saying, “Focus on the truth, how bout dat” like they are 12 years old. Don’t know why Kenya knows so much about Apollo, but here’s how most people feel about Phaedra and Apollo’s divorce – Yawn.

A flashback of all the RHOA kids are shown and this quite frankly is the most innocent part of the night. Cairo has a future in modeling, however he’s still waiting on his pack back pay check from Cynthia. Andy asks Sheree if she felt bad for going after NeNe five years ago about Bryson’s shoplifting in light of Cairo getting a DWI. Sheree is now a believer that kids should be off limits. Amen! She has seen the light now that it is flashing on her.

As for that very uncomfortable recording session with RileyKandi ain’t got time to force her daughter into a singing career because Xscape is getting back together (Phaedra and Porsha roll their eyes) but Riley was so happy that Nicki Minaj gave her song a shout on social media. Cynthia and Kandi admit they had to have special conversations this year with their daughters about this season’s lesbian accusations.

Next, clips are shown from the Maui trip when Bob acted like a jerk. This was a poignant moment for real. Sheree said she has never talked about the incident when Bob wanted to choke her and smash her head through the windshield. There was emotional abuse and physical altercations in her marriage, but Sheree didn’t realize she had suppressed it. Even more, Sheree was shocked Bob even brought up the incident and thinks he forgot about the cameras. Phaedra and Bob go way back and can’t believe Bob is nothing more than an adult-child. Sheree explains the only reason she considered taking Bob back was because she thought he changed.

In another sad moment, Sheree said she doesn’t know if her kids have watched that episode because they haven’t discussed it. Andy is stunned by this admission because Sheree portrays herself as a strong woman. Cynthia tells Sheree she doesn’t have to have all the answers or carry everything all by herself. She tells Sheree her truth will inspire other women. Sheree says the takeaway is to know your worth and don’t stay longer than you should. Phaedra informs Andy that African-American women are the least likely group to report domestic abuse. One by one the ladies all give Sheree props for her strength and sharing her life and getting real with her feelings. Take notes Phaedra, that’s how it’s done.

Tune in next week when we get down and dirty with the sex dungeon, the lesbianism, the threesomes, the date-rape drugs, and who is lying about what.


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