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#RHOP Karen Huger Finds Gizelle Bryant’s Harsh Reaction To Robyn Dixon Talking To Her ‘Absurd’

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The Real Housewives of Potomac has just kicked off their second season and already the drama is in high gear among the ladies.

During last week’s episode — Gizelle Bryant confronted Robyn Dixon after Karen Huger spilled the tea that Robyn may not be the loyal friend Gizelle assumed. 

Gizelle made it clear that she was “disturbed,” at the fact Robyn chose Karen to vent about their rocky friendship, “Karen Huger…of all people” Gizelle questioned.

Now, Karen is firing back at Gizelle‘s “absurd” reaction to Robyn talking to her about their issues.

“It’s beyond absurd to me that Gizelle would be feeling a particular way about Robyn choosing to speak to me about their troubled friendship.” Karen tells Bravo Daily Dish.

The Grande Dame of Potomac is confident that Robyn‘s choice to speak to her was spot on.

“She came to the right person! Robyn came to the Grande Dame to vent. Who else?”

Karen feels her efforts to bring their issues to the surface deserves praise — in the form of a thank you.

“The writing was on the wall – these two needed to talk one on one NOW NOT LATER. Gizelle needs to seize this opportunity, save her friendship and thank me later.”


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