RECAP: #RHOBH Reunion Season 7 Part 2 — Kim Richards Sends Lisa Rinna Running Off The Stage In Tears!

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Part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion picks up right where we left off — with PK in the hot seat, and the left couch ladies  crouched in pounce positions.

Team Erika Vs. PK

Erika begins by complaining about PK’s intense interest in her lady bits. Erika briefly agrees to shut down the banter — admitting that she has no shot at pulling off a sense of humor. Lisa is accused of manipulating PK’s eyes downward, and snatch-sniping from the side. Erika verbally spanks Lisa for finding her cooch humorous, and snarks that the queen truly adored the peep show. Lisa admits that the glimpse was a real hoot, and reminds  her that you can’t play naked without inviting a peekaboo here and there. Lisa and Kyle quibble over Dorit’s panty-gift, and Lisa outs her for cosigning that the underwear snark was indeed amusing. Andy busts Erika for hyping wifely concern, then barely mentioning the crotch muck to to her grandhusband. Erika accuses Dorit of dragging her thru the mud, and Rinna finally agrees that she shouldn’t have dragged PK into the Hong Kong discussion. PK is cool, because he doesn’t care or pay much attention to Rinna’s chatter.

PK rightfully refuses to apologize to Tom, and Dorit begs Erika to drop it. PK points out that he was been beaten to a pulp over a bad joke — while Erika continues to invent whore insinuations that simply never occurred. PK admits that he regrets some of his comments and snarky jokes — and wishes that he could erase the memory of Erika’s unclamped legs forever. PK sticks up for Dorit, pointing out that she was “ceremoniously attacked” by Erika and her backup dancers, triggering his need to defend his wife. PK and Dorit point out that it was Erika who invited PK into the discussion, and it’s too damn bad if they didn’t like his input. Rinna keeps interrupting — hoping that her mouth might grab the attention that her bare cooch did not. PK keeps it classy, but Erika throws back a biting GTFOH, disappearing further and further into the land of Jayne. Erika promises that she will allow a do-over. PK stifles an eye roll.

Revenge Rumor

PK blasts Rinna for shading his dinner party, and Rinna outright admits that the coke jab was in retaliation for Dorit labeling her a semi-junkie. Rinna briefly confesses that she’s a vindictive liar, before quickly jumping back to her rinse-and-repeat defense of Erika. Rinna and her deflection game is busted wide open — so she moves on quickly.

The Veteran and The Rookie

Kim Richards and Eden Sassoon join the gaggle, and Kim reveals that she once had dinner with the prez. Lisa begs to know the naked deets, but Kim refuses to kiss and tell. Eden’s loony rookie season is rewound, and she quickly suffocates viewers with virtual hugs and bad extensions. The group analyzes Eden’s needy clutching habits, and Lisa shares a few nice memories about Vidal. Andy points out that Eden’s Twitter habits are disturbing, revealing the evidence that forced Kyle to block her. Kyle busts Eden for being an annoying liar, and a major buttinski. Rinna’s mouthy blurts about Kim’s near-death condition are remembered, along with how Eden’s big yapper spread the word. Rinna reveals that she still has Eden’s love bottle, and believes that it’s somewhere near the flour. Kyle runs down Eden’s greatest cuckoo hits, and how she rammed her way into their family biz. Rinna and Eden’s druggie whispers are rehashed, and Eden’s melodramatic finale monologue is rewound. Rinna admits that she initially connected with Eden, before she discovered that she was the absolute worst. Kim admits that Eden is one weird bird, who lives to peck people to death with crystals. Kim nails Eden to the wall, blasting her for pushing herself into personal spaces and not backing off when shoved back. Eden has no comeback, but promises to never ever change.

Bunny Blues

Rinna implies that she shaded Kim to Eden because she was peeved about game night — admitting for the second time to spreading lies when she feels crossed. Kim labels Rinna’s shtick “lies, cries, and denies.” She shades Rinna and her runaway mouth, but does believe that the bigmouth has a huge heart. Rinna hopes that they have landed in a happier place — but not if Andy Cohen has anything to say about it. Andy dangles a high-drama carrot in front of Kim, and Kim’s face lights up. The moment we’ve all been waiting for arrives — and the cast silently gasps as Kim ceremoniously picks up the defenseless blue bunny. Kim ups Rinna’s original showy presentation at Kyle’s party, boomeranging the poor creature back into Rinna’s clutches. Kim explains that Bunny’s energy is shady, and unacceptable for a sweet innocent baby. Kim is delighted to see a little sniffle, and Bravo cameras zoom in, to capture one lone tear sliding down Rinna’s frozen face.

Andy tries to pry out Rinna’s weepy thoughts, as Eileen blasts the mean girl reunion ploy. Rinna is melodramatically moved — and curses the day she ever laid eyes on Bunny…or Kim Richards. Rinna blames Harry for suggesting the damn rabbit, as Kim continues to slam Rinna for being a hare-packing poser. Rinna, noting that this reunion energy blows, dramatically sulks off the set. Eileen rushes after her, pumping up the drama bubbles with some sudsy support. The reality sisters agree that Kim’s stuff is real, and her true colors are ugly. Andy snarks that the bunny buzz is beyond hilarious, and Lisa stifles a giggle, as the episode wraps. 

The pill bag takes the stand, before we wave a final goodbye to Season 7, next week.


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