Tiny Harris’ Friend Blasts T.I. Over Break Up & Attacks Tiny’s ‘Ghetto’ Friend Shekinah – Shekinah Files A Restraining Order!

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The relationship fallout between T.I and his estranged wife Tiny is getting so messy!

As reported, T.I. is no longer interested in being married to Tiny anymore. 

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In a recent interview — TIP discussed his relationship drama and admitted that he is no longer interested in marriage.

“marriage is going to distract me and deter me from taking my family onward and upward…I don’t always have time to do the thoughtful things a husband does…it could be seen as selfish, but I have a hard time seeing something as selfish if it helps some many other people.”


Some of Tiny’s friends are speaking out on the situation and one friend in particular took to Instagram to GO OFF in defense of the Family Hustle star. Sabrina Peterson — Tiny‘s gal pal, also used the opportunity to call out Tiny’s ‘ghetto’ friend — Shekinah Anderson — for not sticking up for Tiny publicly.

Sabrina was not done — she went on to lash out at Tiny‘s long-time friend — Shekinah. Sabrina fired the following shots on Snapchat aimed at Shekinah.

Peterson went after Shekinah because she feels Tiny‘s buddy has not been a good friend to her — who has publicly stuck up for TinyShekinah promptly responded by spilling tea on Sabrina — which led Sabrina to threaten to whoop Shekinah‘s ass. Press play to listen to the expletive-filled IG rant below (NSFW).


In response, Shekinah took a trip down to her local police department and filed a restraining order on Sabrina

Stay tuned as the drama unfolds in Tiny and T.I.‘s ongoing saga!


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