MTV Attorneys Pump The Brakes On #TeenMomOG’s Matt Baier’s Tell-All Book — Read Leaked Allegations!

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MTV has hit the wall with Teen Mom OG beau, Matt Baier.

Amber Portwood’s fiancé is set to release a tell-all book — and MTV is lawyering up, after a segment of the book was leaked.

Page Six is reporting that Viacom attorneys are demanding that the publisher yank 20% of the original manuscript — about 15 thousand words. Baier slammed Amber’s arch nemesis and co-star, Farrah Abraham, and more crazily, the network that continues to pay the couple’s bills. Baier had agreed to allow MTV to read the book before publication — and that’s when the legal fireworks supposedly hit the fan. The outlet reports that Baier was “read the riot act” before a network legal eagle slashed the text with red pen. ‘You Have No F**king Idea:The Naked Truth About My Life’ is scheduled for a May release.

The leaked text, in a chapter entitled  ‘You Have No F**king Idea,’ contained a plethora of juicy allegations — a bit of a shocker considering MTV is still Matt and Amber’s meal ticket. Check out the dish!

  • Baier alleges that an MTV producer told the couple to “do their research” on Farrah’s on-and-off boyfriend, Simon Saran. Baier wrote that Simon “got into a lot of trouble for ­assaulting his ex-girlfriend.”
  • Baier claims that Farrah’s family tried to manipulate stories in the press “by way of threats and intimidation.”
  • Baier also claims that he was tipped off by a former producer that Farrah’s father had a “history of physically assaulting people.” He alleges that Amber told MTV producers that she was uncomfortable being in the same space as Farrah, prior to last season’s wild reunion smackdown between the two co-stars.
  • Baier wrote about the filmed brouhaha — “security — who had followed us around all day long — suddenly was nowhere to be found. Not to get into any conspiracy theories, but it was almost as if they wanted there to be an altercation.”

Page Six reports that Farrah’s rep denied Baier’s claims about her family and Saran.

What do you think about Baier’s odd move to publicly slap the hand that feeds him? It’s tough to live in a ritzy neighborhood and cruise the Indiana streets in a Corvette, booted from the MTV gravy train. Is Baier a truth warrior — or just plain stupid?

Teen Mom OG will premieres April 17 on MTV.


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