#FlippingOut Star Jeff Lewis Spills Tea About #VanderpumpRules Jax Taylor’s ‘Gay’ Past!

Posted on Apr 7 2017 - 11:12am by Terri L. Austin

On last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out and Andy Cohen pondered over Jax Taylor’s sexual orientation.

Gay rumors have swirled around Jax for years. Jeff thought there was probably some validity to them.

“I think maybe he did fool around… That’s okay. That doesn’t mean he’s gay.”

Fellow guest, Bethenny Frankel, wondered why Jeff and Andy thought Jax might be gay. Andy told her about Jax’s former housemate, John, from Miami. When Jax and John met up again a few seasons ago on Vanderpump Rules, John talked about how much he missed Jax. Their relationship seemed more than just platonic.

Also, during Jax’s birthday roast this season on VPR, his friends all suggested that he’d slept with men before. Tom Schwartz said:

“He’s slept with many, many women. And a few men!”

Jax’s girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright and her mother were in attendance. Brittany’s mom questioned Jax about the rumors. He admitted that he’d kissed John on the cheek.

So, is this a non-issue? Andy seems a little obsessed about Jax’s past. Thoughts?


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  • GirlPlz

    I’ve always thought he was gay

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Gay for pay doesn’t count. Although he clearly “dabbled” in Miami (in lieu of rent$), I believe he’s on Eddie’s team.

    • Evil Queen

      Swing Batter! Happy Friday!

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        … and same to you EQ!

  • Magdalena

    Why is it important who he slept with? Does he really need to put a label on himself…..or should others do it for him. He is obviously sexually adventurous. Does it really matter if he tried sex with a man? He obviously realized sex with women is his thing. Should be the end of it.

  • Sunflower

    The 21st Century…
    I truly think that the LGBTQ Community is experiencing a huge set back.
    Never before in my life have I seen so much gay and lesbian bashing.
    Social Media is being used to destroy peoples’ lives.
    Nowadays… there is a smoke screen insinuating close friendships between males or close friendships between females as more than friendly.
    Sick of it…!!

    • MidwestMiddie

      Agree! Please send your comment to Andy Cohen and the Bravo producers. : )

      • Sunflower

        Believe me I have when he started the “dipping in the Lady Pond” questioning.
        He now put up a “Lady Pond Street Marker” to taunt me… in the new Club House.

    • Evil Queen

      As a GWM, the LGBTQ community is too radical for my taste. The only thing I have in common with them is I’m gay.

      • Sunflower

        My observation as well… too radical… and because of that a change in expression of the movement.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    I’m not cool with anyone outing someone else. That’s Jax’s decision on when he wants to let whoever know whatever.

    • penny 2

      I agree. Who cares anyway? What’s the big deal?

      • Elizabeth Fisher

        Well, it’s not. But you never know what someone’s circumstances are with their family and their careers. My cousin came out over 30 years ago when it wasn’t widely accepted. But he came out on his own – he wasn’t outed on national TV. Regardless of how you feel about Jax, I think what Andy and Jeff did is disgraceful.

    • Bryan

      That’s right, Princess Cohen needs his ass kicked

      • DaisyD

        And then some . ????????

      • Evil Queen

        Thank u! I would pay to see that!

    • DaisyD

      10000000% agree

  • aemish

    To thine own self be true. When you start deceiving others, you stop being true to all.

    • Evil Queen


  • Evil Queen

    Jax reminds me of my first boyfriend, who was bi; when I broke up with him, he went back to girls.
    Jax is a bigger drama queen, then most of my friends!

  • Uncool

    He has always pinged to me. I think James is his type. He prob pings to Jeff and Andy as well.

  • Evil Queen

    Mandy- Pansy would love to sleep with Jax, & probably Jeff Lewis too!
    Then, in Mandy fashion, he would tell the whole damn world!
    Such a star fukr!
    Mandy needs her ego stroked too!

  • Lisa Redd

    I like Jeff but right know your are being messy why are you so interested in outing Jax do you like him Gage better watch out and Andy you must want Jax because you are so interested in his sexuality smh

    • DaisyD

      This ???????????????????? who really gives a shit what or who Jax aka Jason likes to sleep with ?

  • Guessy

    Jax has had gay encounters in Hollywood and Miami. No secrets there. People need to understand why Lisa chose that location and that staff.

  • Guessy

    Jax has had gay encounters in Hollywood and Miami. No secrets there. People need to understand why Lisa chose that location and that staff for a show.

  • Bryan

    These two sad tricks need put their weenie’s down and get over it, two desperate old queens!!!

  • nvrbl

    I don’t know why anyone other than Jax’s girlfriend would even be interested, much less care. Besides, all of the guys on VPR seem more interested and more comfortable sexually with the other guys than their girlfriends/wives

  • MidwestMiddie

    There are NUMEROUS issues about Jax which could be discussed but, IMO, his sexual preferences, past or present, isn’t one of them.

    • the underground train

      I know, like why is he always so greasy looking? I am more concerned about that than his sexual preferences.

  • Heather’sCovenOfRealWitches

    I used to like Jeff Lewis. The past 2 seasons of Flipping Out turned me off. He seems like a miserable person and he likes Tamara Judge. Yuck