Kyle Richards Dishes On PK Kemsley Defending Dorit & Explosive #RHOBH Reunion!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kyle Richards and actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar, joined Andy Cohen for his return to Watch What Happens Live.

Sarah gave her best Dorit impersonation. So, Kyle had to one-up her with her own Dorit faux accent.

Andy showed a few clips of tonight’s RHOBH finale. Lisa Vanderpump seemed obsessed with Erika Girardi’s nether regions. Kyle thought it was all in good fun. The ladies loved Erika’s hair. Sarah’s daughter has a dress just like Eden Sassoon’s princess gown.

We saw PK jump into the fray with the ladies. Does he want a diamond of his own? Maybe, but watching him tell Eileen Davidson she was rude and asking Erika how long she planned on dragging out pantygate — he almost deserves one.

In a flash poll 75% of the audience thought he was stirring the pot, but Kyle said:

“I think he was defending Dorit. He’s like that in real life. And I think he really felt like there’s my wife with all these crazy women surrounding her. He’s got to step in.”

Andy posted another poll, asking whose side the audience was on: Lisa Rinna or everyone else except Eileen. (62% sided against Rinna.) Sarah wasn’t taking Rinna’s side either, but she thought Eden went too far when she screamed at the party. Kyle said:

“That’s way too complicated of a question for me. I can’t really participate in that.”

A caller asked why Kyle got outraged by how Rinna treated Dorit, but didn’t get that upset at how Rinna treated Kim.

“Well, I was, but what happened was…I heard what she said about Kim behind her back. It was brought to me by a third party. When it happened with Dorit, I was right there in front of her at the table. So, it was a very different situation.”

In a sneak peek of the reunion next week, PK talks about getting flashed by Erika.

When asked what her friendship status with Rinna is now, Kyle said:

“The reunion wasn’t so great, obviously. Let’s watch the reunion and pick it up from there.”

Kyle spoke about Erika and the pantygate situation.

“I love Erika and obviously I was in a bad position because I’m friends with Erika and Dorit, but I knew that even though she said it was fine, she was holding onto that. Because she was hurt by it.”

When asked if she thought Rinna had a Xanax problem, Kyle said, “No I do not.”

But Sarah said if she were a Housewife, she’d need a Xanax smoothie daily.

So, what did you think of the season finale? Was anything settled between the women?


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