Erika Jayne & PK Kemsley Finally Have It Out Over Panty-Gate on #RHOBH

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The panty-gate showdown explodes tonight!

 Just when you thought we’d put pantygate to bed on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it comes back to bite us in the lady parts on tonight’s finale.

At Lisa Vanderpump’s Vanderfabulous party, PK Kemsley and Erika Girardi finally have it out.

In a sneak peek, we see Erika confront PK.

“Did you ever say that I did that on purpose to seduce you? Did you ever say those words? Can you look me in the eye and say that?”

PK is so disgusted that the women are picking on Dorit once again, he uses the line that’s become a classic this season: I can’t remember.

“No. Because I don’t have a photographic memory. So, maybe that was a throwaway comment … I am upset, because I’m watching you gang up on my wife.”

Then he finally let’s Erika have it.

Erika, I just said you were deliberately cold. You’re not deliberately cold. You’re inherently cold.”

Erika snaps back with this gem, “Whatever.”

In her confessional, Erika says, “I’m inherently cold, no doubt. You don’t like me, get in f**kin’ line.”

PK asks how long Erika is going to drag out this tired storyline.

Erika, at what point is it over. At what point?”

Good question, PK. I think the rest of has have been asking that all season.

Erika says:

“When I say it’s over. When it’s sincere. Dorit has always had something kind of ugly to say to me since then. ‘Oh, hey. You can’t give me a compliment?’ I’ve been nothing but nice to her. I haven’t done anything to her.”

PK calls Erika “delusional.” She points out that the Kemsleys haven’t been nice to her all season. When PK tries to interrupt and obnoxiously calls her “honey”, Erika’s icy temper snaps.

“Please don’t call me ‘honey.’ PK, please don’t call me ‘honey.’ Don’t do that … try hard. I know you can’t help yourself, but you should try now.”

Tune in tonight for the season finale of RHOBH. Maybe someone will finally put Lisa Rinna in her place. *fingers crossed*


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