#RHOA Recap: Apollo Nida’s Fiancé Sherien Almufti Makes Her Shocking Debut & Apollo Spills Tea About His Divorce!

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Just when you thought The Real Housewives of Atlanta couldn’t get any more insane this season — enters Apollo Nida’s new fiancé, Sherien Almufti, to take the SHOCK value over the top!

Sunday night’s all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta begins with Kandi and Todd‘s race to get the Old Lady Gang restaurant up and running in time for their “family and friends” preview. There’s a power struggle between the couple over orange versus yellow chairs. But Todd makes it clear that he’s in charge and plans to do his thang in orange chairs — when he’s good and ready. Don Juan tries to help, but Todd adds him to his things-to-ignore list. 

Over at Chateau Sheree — it’s moving day! Kenya drops by because she and Sheree are now BFF’s since Hawaii, but she can’t drive her Bentley inside the gates of Chateau Sheree because Sheree can’t open the non-working gates. The two women bond in the driveway over the men they’ve ditched. Sheree and Bob are done, and I believe her, and Kenya and Matt are done, and I want to believe her too. Sheree is having a housewarming party and says her guests need to check their gag reflexes at the door — because people throwing up is not a good thing.

We switch to Todd picking Peter up at the airport who’s in town to finalize his divorce and attend the OLG party. During their ride — Apollo Nida calls Todd. Let’s check in with boy from the clink, shall we? Unfortunately, Apollo is declining his RSVP to the OLG party, but his new lady friend will be there to manufacture drama represent him. Todd just wants to know if she’s cute and Apollo promises she’s an upgrade. But get this, y’all, Apollo says Phaedra tricked him into thinking they may not get a divorce and the next thing he knew, he’s being served. Here’s the thing, Apollo just wants what’s his and if he doesn’t get it — things are gonna get ugly. Consider Phaedra served!

Guess whose birthday it is? Phaedra — the newly single woman — and she wants to unleash the fat cat from within. Let’s pray for those in the fat cat’s path. Meanwhile, Ayden and Dillan fight over ice cream while their grandparents and mom eat ice-cream. Phaedra’s pastor parents agree with her decision to divorce Apollo, but the best birthday present of all — they want to take their grandkids for a couple of weeks to free Phaedra up so she can treat herself even though she’s been doing that all along

Onto Cynthia and Noelle discussing the recent fashion show at Lake Bailey. Cynthia shares that as of today, she and Peter are officially divorced. She feels relief, but also sadness. In other news, Cynthia is rocking 50 and plans to take it up a notch. Cut to, Peter driving by the old townhouse — gazing from the back seat feeling the remorse and regret. He thought this marriage would last forever. Really? That’s sweet. Cut back to Cynthia — who gets a phone call from Kenya. They discuss the OLG party will be the first time she will see Peter since the divorce, but Cynthia doesn’t expect trouble — though trouble does come to the party.

It’s the day before the OLG party and things are still not ready. Kandi stops by to shake her head. Todd isn’t worried. The cleaning crew, the photo booth, are set, and the food will be ready so that’s the least of Todd’s concerns. Todd calls the chef out for the shade, but there wasn’t any, it was Todd’s ego snapping three times. And more bad news, the restaurant is $100K over budget. Yikes! Kandi is tripping with her negative energy and Todd wants her to go home — but is too afraid to tell his boss wife — so instead he promises to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

It’s go time at the OLG party. Kandi arrives and so far doesn’t have a harsh word to say about anything. Aunt Nora and Aunt Bertha arrive and look thrilled to be there. The menu looks great, too. I love me some lamb chop lollipops. So where is Mama Joyce? She’s waiting for her close up. When the diva makes her grand entrance, she is promptly told she was supposed to wear the black pants and a white shirt uniform. Butch, please. Let Mama Joyce wear what she wants.

Frick and Frack are having their own party and won’t be attending the OLG party. Porsha wasn’t invited, of course when has that stopped her, but instead she’s throwing Phaedra a pity party. Boom shacka lacka it’s a birthday party and the ladies are wearing matching onesies with Frick and Frack printed on their asses. Phaedra was most definitely invited to the OLG party but decided not to go and spend it with her only friend, Porsha. For the birthday entertainment, Porsha makes Phaedra try on all kinds of different wigs like she’s Wendy Williams or something. Then Frack has Frick try on a tight LBD and her boob pops out. Hey, whatever Phaedra has to do to turn a guy’s head, am I right? She’s single now…or is she?

Back at the OLG party, Peter shows up and gives Cynthia the cold shoulder. The party moves downstairs to the event space where Kandi finally gives Todd props for pulling this off. Kandi hits a beat with, “I Fly Above.” Later, as Peter and Todd are chatting upstairs about life, in walks Apollo’s girlfriend, Sherien. She is like, Boom! I’m here. Todd is freaking out because here comes trouble but decides to dive in and find out how Apollo and Sherien met. All she says is, “We found love.” Maybe it was through #prisonpenpal dot com.

Todd takes Sherien downstairs to meet the other ladies and introduces her as Sherien Nida. Dude, seriously! Todd quickly adds, soon-to-be Mrs. Nida. Everyone is like, say what? Kenya is drooling and it ain’t from the banana pudding. Sherien explains she is there to extend Apollo’s congratulations. She confesses to knowing Apollo for the past four years and says she’s been around when the wifey wasn’t — all sweet like that. Kandi ain’t feeling this and tells Sherien that Phaedra could have been here tonight. Sherien is like, “She’s only visited Apollo twice.”

Of course, Phaedra probably had a head’s up because back at Porsha’s house, Porsha just happens to ask Phaedra what it would be like to have Apollo bring other women around the kids. Phaedra says she’s cool with it as long as everyone is decent and has moral standards – which she will be the one setting, no doubt.

When Sherien says she visits Apollo all the time, Peter decides he’s heard enough and wants to leave. But just then, Apollo calls. Sherien takes the call in front of everyone. After a few pleasantries, Kandi decides to keep it real and tells Apollo this is awkward having Sherien here. Apollo gets all uppidty, and says this is his woman and he is a one woman man — and as soon as his divorce is final, he’s going to make this new woman an honest woman – so to speak. Everyone in the room is like, What you talking about Willis? Apollo says their divorce is not final.

The call ends and Sherien tells everyone what a pleasure it was meeting them. The rest of the ladies agree that clearly Apollo was getting him some vanilla pokey before he went to the real pokey. Kenya says she is sick and tired of Phaedra’s alternative facts.

Tune in next week for the season finale — as we party at Chateau Sheree and see fireworks with Kim Z.


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