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#RHONY Ramona Singer Says You Can’t Compare Her 23-Year Marriage to Bethenny Frankel’s — and Here’s Why

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It’s time to hop on the Ramonacoaster once again! 

Real Housewives of New York star, Ramona Singer, made an appearance on Access Hollywood to promote the upcoming new season and was asked if she and costar Bethenny Frankel were able to bond over their divorces. 

“Well, yes and no because I don’t think you can compare a 23 year marriage to a 2 year marriage…it’s night and day,” Singer explained.

All divorces have pain, and Bethenny and Ramona went through their pain roughly around the same time. Bethenny, with young daughter Bryn, no longer wanted to be married to Jason Hoppy, and Ramona, whose daughter Avery was 18, caught her husband cheating with another woman.

“I think for [Bethenny] it’s been very difficult because she has a very young child. And I’m fortunate because my daughter, when I was having my problems, was 18, can make up her own mind, and wasn’t really living at home anymore,” Ramona continued.

Ramona added that not only does her heart bleed for Bethenny, it breaks for her as well.

“My heart bleeds for Bethenny because there’s times where she wants to exchange days with Jason, and he won’t do that. And I can’t imagine not having a child live with you everyday, especially a young girl.” Ramona continued, “My heart breaks for Bethenny, any woman, any family that goes through a divorce. It goes for the men, too.”

Ramona conceded she’s sure Jason’s heart breaks too and that sharing custody of a “young child has to be one of the most heartbreaking things in the world.”

Bethenny’s divorce took four years to become final, twice the length of her marriage. Since then she’s been linked to other men, and most recently Dennis Shields, however Bethenny doesn’t appear to be dating anyone.

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