EXCLUSIVE: Matt Jordan Blames Kenya Moore For Blocking Him From the #RHOA Reunion By Labeling Him A Security Risk!

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Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan’s split is even nastier than their stormy relationship!

Matt has been spilling the tea about his relationship with Moore and AllAboutTheTea.com obtained more exclusive video featuring Matt Jordan of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, he talks about getting blocked from the reunion.

According to Matt, his ex, Kenya Moore, is the only reason why he didn’t receive an invite. She’s trying to silence him from telling the truth and exposing her as a manipulative liar.

But first, he paints himself in a good light.

“I can’t really be that bad because it’s a bitch ass environment… You’re dealing with people who like to be shifty. Like Kenya. You block me so I can’t talk, but you better believe…they’ll rub my name into the dirt.”

Matt knows he’s going to be portrayed as a violent hothead. Hmmm, I wonder why?

“At least allow me to defend myself.”

Matt claims he’s not upset that he’ll be the topic of conversation, but he thinks it’s unfair that his character will be discussed.

“I’m not saying don’t talk about me at all. I didn’t send out no gag order.”

He says he’ll keep talking on Instagram Live and Facebook Live until he’s gotten it out of his system. But he doesn’t like not having a larger audience.

“There’s a hundred people listening to this as opposed to how many will be watching the reunion. How can they block you but talk about you?”

Matt says he already knows Kenya’s script for the reunion — and it’s a lie. Matt admits that he got into an altercation with the driver at Club One in Charlotte, and he even got into an argument with a male producer on set. Matt doesn’t say whether that became physical, but he says he later apologized to both men.

Kenya is lying. She’s going to take the situation of me…being aggressive toward security, then another time [with] the producer…”

Matt says the producers would lure him into situations on camera. He says that Bravo would lie to get him to show up.

“…they used to lure me into scenes under false pretenses. They told me Kenya was going to apologize that day on camera…”

As Matt was walking toward Kenya, the male producer got in his way and said:

“You can’t talk to her. I said, ‘Listen, don’t you ever tell me when or where I can talk to my lady.’”

Matt says these two instances will be used as the reason he was blocked from speaking at the reunion.

Kenya is going to take these two situations…Kenya is going to say I’m a security risk. “Security threat” is the word they’re going to use. Someone might physically get hurt if I’m there, because the higher ups…said ‘he might hurt somebody.’”

Now of course, we know just how volatile Matt really is. He tried to choke Peter Thomas last week and has three warrants out for his arrest.

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But what this video does reveal is that even after Matt punched Kenya’s driver in Charlotte, she was still filming with him. He was invited to the Hawaii trip, he filmed at Sheree’s housewarming, and he attended Cynthia’s fashion show.

“You got to understand, they tried to run the security risk thing first. Then they tried to invite me to Hawaii. Then we shot another scene. And then we went to Sheree’s house, and then I went to Cynthia’s fashion show. I filmed four or five times after…I apologized.”

Matt continues: “If I’m a threat, I’m a threat across the board… I walked away from the show. I was like, it’s getting messy.”

Matt claims that he spent $3,000 on a new suit for the reunion. He also says if it were up to Bravo, he’d have been issued a reunion invite.

“The only reason I’m not there is because Kenya doesn’t want me there. She probably leveraged herself against me, telling them she wouldn’t participate if I was there.”

Matt wanted to expose Kenya as a liar.

“I was going to tell you the flat out truth…her manipulations would have been 100% exposed if I were to go. Even when she had beef with Porsha or Phaedra or Marlo, they wouldn’t be able to get her, to stick her all the way. If I was to go on that reunion, no lie, not in an attacking manner, but my words would tell the truth.”

He says that by pinning her down on his birthday party, he would show her up as a liar.

“Just that part alone, ‘I forgot to tell you that they changed the date of your party.’ Imagine it, I’m sitting on the stage and she’s right there, and I say, ‘Kenya, the only mistake you made was that you…forgot to invite me to my party, even though you already had my party?’ She would look horrible.”

I think Matt is overestimating that zinger. I also believe he’s imagined himself sitting on that stage, confronting Kenya over and over in his delusional mind.

His plan was to “catch her red handed” But, Kenya is “slippery” and “slick” so Matt will continue his crusade on social media.

He’s obviously still obsessed with Kenya and the show. And maybe he’s become a bit of a fame whore throughout all this. But Matt has shown time after time that he’s violent. Dude needs to work on his issues and leave reality TV alone.

Watch the explosive video above and share your take on this latest drama?


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