#RHOBH Eden Sassoon Wonders Why Erika Girardi & Cast Label Her Weird” For Pushing Her Friendship On Them!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rookie, Eden Sassoon, is weighing in on the cast trip to Hong Kong — where a gift turned into a diss, during a group shopping excursion.

Eden gifted Erika Girardi with a friendship ring — and was immediately shaded for the gesture. She sounds off about the controversial giveaway in her Bravo blog.

Eden clarifies her reasoning behind her post-drama gift to Erika.  

“We went to Shanghi Tang, this super cute boutique. Great accessories, fun clothes, everything you could want in a shopping trip in Hong Kong. I knew Erika was still exhausted from her emotional dinner and feeling a bit down, so when she saw a ring she really liked, I bought it for her to cheer her up.”

After watching the episode, Eden doesn’t understand why her exchange with Erika was labeled “weird.” Perhaps because Eden is just plain weird in general?

“OF COURSE she had to make it more than it was, saying it was a weird exchange and that she didn’t want it. Why can’t I do anything nice for anyone? If I was super upset about something that I was involved in, and someone bought me a small gift to just say, hey I’m here, and I recognize how you’re feeling, that would mean the world to me! Why haven’t I learned yet that these women think my giving is weird?!”

Eden reminds her readers that she’s a giver — and that will never change.   

“I’m never going to change who I am, though. If I want to buy someone a gift to try and cheer them up, I am going to buy them a freaking gift to cheer them up! #Jeeze”

Eden is excited about her upcoming finale eruption — where viewers will see her blast Lisa Rinna in a theatrical tantrum rant.

Lisa’s Diamonds and Rosé party was beautiful. She truly transformed her backyard into a fairytale! Lucky for me, I wore my princess dress! You’ll get to see that next week. And as you can see in that promo… I think I finally found my voice. It was time a certain someone knew how I was feeling.”

Catch Eden’s big moment — as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wraps with a rosy finale episode — Tuesday night, on Bravo.


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