‘She Is Replaceable!’ MTV Adds Briana DeJesusa To #TeenMom2 Lineup & Jenelle Evans Sweats Under The Collar [EXCLUSIVE]

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There’s a new girl on the Teen Mom 2 block — and resident diva, Jenelle Evans, might be in for a rude awakening.

Teen Mom 3 alum, Briana DeJesus, will be added to the Season 8 cast — throwing a wrench into the longtime foursome formula. Why the shakeup? According to an in-the-know source, part of the strategy is to send a clear message to Jenelle — the top  troublemaker for production.   

“MTV wants to send Jenelle a clear message — that she is absolutely replaceable,” the insider tells AllAboutTheTea.com. “Her antics are becoming a liability, and execs want to add a wildcard into the mix, as part of a possible transitionary plan.”

Jenelle has been routinely captured bellowing demands at producers, dodging professional obligations, publicly whining about editing, and causing chaos on reunion sets. While MTV is clearly not ready to dismiss Jenelle, the addition of a fifth cast member does raise questions about the network’s mindset. Our source alleges that MTV is looking to the future with the addition of Briana.

“Production is fed up. They feel that they have put up with Jenelle’s outbursts long enough,” the source reports to AllAboutTheTea.com. “They are testing the waters with Briana.”

Jenelle has remained mute about the cast shocker — refusing to comment — her silence perhaps speaking louder than words. Social media onlookers might remember that Jenelle and Briana engaged in a Twitter beef awhile back — adding to the hype swirling around the new hire. 

Briana coming on board should make Jenelle sweat,” continues the source. “Teen Mom 2 is her only source of income. Her live-in baby daddy  contributes nothing financially.”

What do you think is behind MTV’s surprise move? Will the result eventually be a MTV welcome to Briana — but a “Girl BYE” to Jenelle?”


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