#LittleWomenLA Recap: Briana Tells Matt She Wants A Divorce!

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With each new episode of Little Women: LA, do find yourself saying, “Will this be the time Matt is kicked to the curb?” Hold onto your cocktails, this may be it! But first we begin with Jasmine and Chris bringing home new baby, Benjamin. Big brother Mason is ready to play outdoors with G-ma because new baby brother is boring. Jasmine’s mother is there to help her cope with post-partum depression – as long as it doesn’t last longer than two weeks.

We check in on Christy after her neck surgery. Tonya and Kerwin stop by to visit and are stunned to see how poorly Christy is doing. She can’t talk, though she wants to, and Autumn delivers nothing but scary news about her mother’s surgery. Tonya shares her Bell’s Palsy recovery story, hallelujah it’s great to smile again, and learns that only Jasmine has contacted Christy – the girl who just had a baby. They also discuss how Todd is lazy, overweight and sad, according to Christy, but everyone else in the room is nodding their heads.

Next we join Briana at home with a crying Maverick. Remember last week when she had to make a scene leave the amusement park due to stomach cramps? Turns out Briana has gall stones. And here’s the part we’ve been waiting for…this hospital visit led to a fight between Matt and Briana and she kicked him out of the house. Can I get an amen! Unfortunately she’s stuck, sad, and alone with two kids.

In Briana’s testimonial she explains the fight was petty, but then describes more of Matt’s gas-lighting. Matt told her, “You wouldn’t be able to do any of this without me.” “You wouldn’t be anywhere without me.” Briana told Matt, “You cheated on me. So I don’t trust you.”

Briana calls Jasmine to dump on her. She tells her not only did she kick Matt out, Briana also asked for a divorce. Briana feels broken now because she can’t let go of the pain of Matt’s cheating. Briana admits to Jasmine she feels Matt is right, she can’t do anything without him. NOOOOOOO! 

Elena is visiting Jasmine and can’t open a baby-proofed closet. Elena’s bob is so pretty in the testimonial, but here she sits on Jasmine’s couch, petting her pony-tail, talking about how she and Terra are on the mend. The conversation switches to Briana and Matt. Jasmine wants the gang to get together and hold a pep rally for Briana. Elena thinks they need help.

Over at Christy’s, her friend, Rhonnie stops by. She brings Christy a balloon and a bucket of chicken. Do you want her to choke on a chicken bone? Lord have mercy, Rhonnie. Anyway, they do some Todd-bashing and Rhonnie can’t believe he’s such a slacker. Next they discuss if Christy would have died during surgery, no one would come to the funeral. And then she calls out Elena for being a two-faced snake in the grass. Thanks for visiting, Rhonnie. You really missed your calling as a care-giver.

Tonya is feeling better and is back in the gym, talking about getting her active wear line out. I wonder if she means this season. Angelique is with her and not excited about dear old dad being in the picture again. What gives? Most kids want their parents to get back together, but she doesn’t even want them to get married. Tonya says she always knows what she wants and Angelique says, “No, not necessarily.”

Briana stops by Jasmine’s place and cries real tears about her relationship with the other ladies. Notice how she wasn’t crying over Matt. So break out the wine, let’s all tell Briana all the reasons she should dump Matt and watch her struggle with uncertainty. Everyone arrives, except Christy, but what’s she going to do, bring a chalk board?

The girls learn that it wasn’t appendicitis like the Prince Charmless said, it was her gall bladder which will require surgery. Then Briana goes through her prepared speech on how she’s hit rock bottom. She tells the girls about asking for a divorce from Matt though she really doesn’t want a divorce. Briana thinks she has post-partum and Terra says, Yeah and his name is Matt.

Next Elena says they don’t know that Matt cheated. Yes he did! He betrayed Briana with his sexting. Same thing. Move on. But then Briana says she wants more babies. Tonya recommends Briana reconnect with her family. Briana says she has contacted a therapist to help her decide if she wants a divorce. The answer is yes. Boom! We just saved you a bunch of money on your therapy. Jasmines tells Briana she will never get over what Matt did and Briana says she will with the help of therapy and drugs and trying every outlet possible. But then she will move forward.

If you didn’t know this, getting your eyebrows done is life-changing. It’s called permanent eyebrows, and Terra and Elena are getting it done, though I hope it looks better next week. They recap Briana’s stories of woe with Matt. Terra says she’s over it. She has another beef with Briana. Turns out Briana is agent-poaching. And after everything Briana went through with Christy. She of all people should know not to do this. Terra says it’s because Briana always needs someone to hold her hand.

And just like what Terra said, Briana is seeking advice from yet another friend about what to do about Matt instead of listening to her gut. Lisa knows Matt and points out that every other month there’s another explosion. Lisa asks if Briana loves Matt or if she’s in-love with Matt, and is she willing to be vulnerable again? That’s a big hell no.

Elsewhere, Christy and Elena meet up at what looks like a dry cleaning shop. She shares the difficulties of her surgery and asks why Elena never called or visited. Elena blames Christy for not calling her or texting her and asking for help. Plus, she heard from Tonya everything was great. But in her testimonial, Elena confesses she thought Christy was being over dramatic. Christy questions Elena’s sincerity with their friendship and Elena gets rude. She says she doesn’t know if it’s possible to get their friendship back on track.

At home, Briana is writing in her journal, contemplating being a single mom again, and blaming herself when Matt trolls into the master bedroom. Matt says they aren’t on the same page. Briana talks about their ups and downs and being vulnerable. Matt says their issues are “normal” stuff. You see, it’s “normal” to sext other women. It’s “not normal” when Briana wants to kick him out.

Matt says he can’t take much more of Briana always asking for a divorce every time he screws up. Briana now tells Matt she trusts him. Say what?! She blames her emotions, the difficult year and how she’s broken. Matt asks Briana is she really wants a divorce.

To be continued…


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